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Random Reflections...Welcome to 2018!

Review. Re-evaluate your life. Rekindle your relationships. Make amends. Bring down the fence. Mend walls. Build bridges. Or get rid of the bridge, and get closer. Whatever works for you.
Yes, I know; it may sound cliché, but death beckons us all. LIFE ! Life is precious, and can be lost in a twinkle of an eye. Live it. Live well. Be good. Life can be a brutal teacher. Sometimes you have got to experience its harshness to learn. It shakes your faith, tests your strength. But it does not have to break you. Do not give in. Get stronger, better; not bitter.
Talk is cheap, so is cheat. Try staying faithful. Follow your heart, but take your head with you. Walk the walk, do not just talk the talk. Lead by example, practice what you preach. Action is priceless. Let the change you desire, begin with you. Aspire. Dream. Dream big, but be willing and ready, to work at it. There is dignity in labour.
Gratitude. Be thankful for all the goodness you have been bestowed. They are right there, y…
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Some images of Paris.. inhabited real life castle, Disney Land,Paris, France. 2015. Some memories.

A walk down the streets of Paris...check out the alignment of the famous architectural structures. Impeccable!

...I call them my earth angels!

These aren't my words,but they speak my mind as I reminisce on my journey through life;and not failing to acknowledge the role so many people have played to get me where I am today...
I have been doing more of reading than writing, for a long while now. And when I say "reading", I do not necessarily mean reading a book. I have been reading a lot from the social networks, Facebook in particular. I have liked more pages than I can count (still liking). I also created a group for women only (no foreign members though). I have also taken a 'posting break' as of the 7th of this month. I have different topics of interest and am trying to balance it all. I can't really say my head's been cleared of academic reading or writing for now. I intend to carry out some extensive online research on some of the topics I have lined out. Am  not getting the vibe I usually have before I write presently. But I just had to break the long silence this night, so continuation can be easier, and make it feel just like the old times.