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Questions unanswered....

I feel like my head's going to explode....but it's not going's just a feeling.But I know that I've got to let this out before I get down with my assignments.
I spoke with one of my friends from motherland last evening&still in disbelief with what she told do you pacify someone who lost her'few hours' newly wedded husband...?How do you tell her it will be alright?What words do you use in soothing or comforting her?Would you ever be able to even succeed in doing that?How do you find the right words to tell her life throws many things at you,things you never prepare for,but yet;have to deal with?Will you ever be able to help her in dealing with this tragedy?Will you succeed in helping her get over the loss?Do you ever think she would be able to live the rest of her life accepting this as the will of God?Is she strong enough to get over the trauma,that her husband's death couldn't have been prevented?How do you use the presumably worldly…

Not just another day....

It's 0220 hours and I just "created" my blog!
If I start,I most likely than not won't easily stop.So,am just making it "official"..and seriously hope to work towards the sustainability of this phase.Literally new....on Blogspot!!!I have in the past been unsuccessful with'continuity'..something very uncharacteristic of me.But I need to "make this happen'..God willing.I'll ensure I spare time to make this work this time.Not just by words,but backed by actions...again,God-willing!!!
So,here I come bloggers..this is my domain!