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Questions unanswered....

I feel like my head's going to explode....but it's not going's just a feeling.But I know that I've got to let this out before I get down with my assignments.
I spoke with one of my friends from motherland last evening&still in disbelief with what she told do you pacify someone who lost her'few hours' newly wedded husband...?How do you tell her it will be alright?What words do you use in soothing or comforting her?Would you ever be able to even succeed in doing that?How do you find the right words to tell her life throws many things at you,things you never prepare for,but yet;have to deal with?Will you ever be able to help her in dealing with this tragedy?Will you succeed in helping her get over the loss?Do you ever think she would be able to live the rest of her life accepting this as the will of God?Is she strong enough to get over the trauma,that her husband's death couldn't have been prevented?How do you use the presumably worldly acceptable technology-telephone,to declare your heartfelt empathy?How far would that go in proving that you can feel her pains&hurt?Will that ever be enough?How long before she accepts this unforgettable tragedy?Why does life throw things at you this way?Will she ever be able to move on?Will she be deemed a suitable bride for any other man,without being labelled as a'curse' in a society known to be fettish&superstitious?What other surprises does life hold in store for her?Can you ever imagine yourself faced with this trial?Do you think you could handle it?Would you be able to move on afterwards were you in her shoes?
Questions Unanswered?????
I have,like so many other people out there in the real world,benefitted from the generous hands of some awesome and incredible individuals.People who,live their lives ordinarily,touching peple's lives in their own little ways.People who in their own magnanimity,offer to help,not because they've got the world on their laps;but because they care enough to realise that the world doesn't revolve around them alone.That there're some lost souls waiting to be found.Wandering souls yearning for direction.Hungry souls,needing to be fed with hope,love,compassion and a sense of belongingness.People who,unknowingly,have touched other poeple's hearts in ways they could never imagine.This friend did me a favour a little over a decade ago,without even realising it.And she's just one amongst tens of others,that I feel "indebted" to.
I may not be old,but I have been around long enough to know that,the most important things in life cannot be seen but felt in the heart.My journey through life has taught me limitless virtues,virtues you don't get to read about in books or taught at school.I have learnt to accept each and everyone I meet the way they are.Trying not to be judgemental but in my own little way,endeavour to leave an imprint like people have on me.
I would be amongst those seen and believed to be"strong"...but am only human others.No matter how spiritual or strong we are,there are times in life we're thrown off-balance.We may miss our steps or even sound foolish at times.I do not believe that's enough to judge "who we are".We are bound to be tested,prone to temptations,susceptible to adversities,faced with trials...but how we overcome our shortcomings says a lot about our personality,out true self.Do we let this experience drag us down or do we rise up and move on?Afterall,what is life without tales to tell?
"If" I live to witness the next three decades,I pray fervently and hope that,the Almighty,my Creator will in His infinite mercy,allow me do all the good things I toss around my head every single day (this is no fantasy).That I live to make the impact I've always dreamed of.That I make the world a better place and leave it even much better than I met it when am gone.That the people whom I have always appreciated and admired know that,I have never for once forgotten about them or the difference they've made in my life.That I be first to publish a "Book of Gratitude" besides my memoir or autobiography (yeah!I know how "sick" some might think that sounds or even "useless",but no,not to me).That I write my "Book of Dreams" and compile an"Anthology" for my "Poems".That I realise my dreams and fulfill my aspirations.That my families know that,I wouldn't trade them for anything and that I cherish the times we spent together growing up because it enrished my life.That my siblings,however scattered they are over our common continent know that,they're always in my heart,and that I wish I could be there physically and otherwise whenever they need me.And my friends???That I would FOREVER be grateful to them,for they have made my journey through life a memorable one.That I feel blessed to have met them.That am a better person because they taught me so much,giving me hope when everything seemed like a mirage.Giving me courage when I doubted my abilities.Always serving as a reminder that the world's mine for the taking and never to let go of my dreams because I've got so much to offer.That am fortunate to be amongst those who have 'friends'."If",I live long enough to do them all.....!!!!!


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