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"Significant achievements have never been obtained by taking small risks"-John Mason

So,if am going to 'practice what am preaching',then I've got to follow the title above.I can't categorically say 'I take risks',but I love challenges especially intellectual ones.I like to test my intelligence and see how far I can go,which is why I have shelved studying English after nurturing it for years-kind of'puppy love I guess.
Getting the feedback for my English Modules helped focus my attention on the areas to be improved on.Journaling hasn't helped that much as I get to abbreviate and use'my own terms' as I wish.Of course academic writing is very different and that,I haven't done in a long while...almost five years now.Huh!And I don't know if it's "too early to conclude",but I sure haven't been finding distant learning easy.I have to continually remind myself that I've got to do this against all odds.I owe it to myself more than anything or anyone else.This might not be the appropriate time to blog,but I…
HUMAN BEANS-A teacher asked her class for sentences using the word "beans"..
"My father grows beans," said one student."My father cooks beans," said another.Then little Johnny spoke up: "We are all human beans."

I thought I would start off with a joke to reduce the tension...I mean,ease things up a little.I think I get too serious sometimes and actually have to remind myself to'lighten&loosen up a little'.
Alright,so I was able to put in a couple of hours to study.But the truth remains that,whatever's still in my system causing this longer than usual sleep,isn't doing me any good.I don't feel like myself.And I really don't need this now.I can't afford to lay-back,my exams're close by.If I planned creating this blog now,then I'd be doing the right thing at the wrong time.But writing usually isn't something I plan.When I plan to write,it takes a lot more hardwork than when I just 'let it flow naturally&…

Didn't sleep over it...just slept like a non-troublesome baby

I would be acting modestly if I mince words in saying my life's not been a roller-coaster.To put it mildly though,it's been dramatic,suspenseful,thrilling,challenging,frustrating,spiritual,fun-filled,unbelievable and I reserve the other adjectives.
Yesterday was one of those days I felt like I was shouldering the world's troubles....that's just like a routine in my life.What I call'business as usual".
Trying to find a balance isn't a walk at the park..but it doesn't mean I should let go.Quitters are never winners if they don't come back to fight another day(my philosophy).
What's this mantra'bout cup half full and empty cup or something like that?Anyway,I do not subscribe to the idea of settling for less when you can have more.However,I also say,"count your blessings" and don't be ungrateful.Life passes us by when we focus more on negativity and neglect the possibilities that lies ahead of us.I know things can be pretty daunting …

No hiding place....

I probably wouldn't have been able to focus if I decided to suspend using the Internet for my studies.It seems like yesterday when everyone was sending greetings to their loved ones..ushering in the new year with so much hope.Yeah!H-O-P-E...the famous magical word for non-quitters.It's a good thing I've got my cousin around,it's been therapeutic.It has given me a balance that's been void for a while.And I'll get back to my usual routine when she's gone.That shouldn't be difficult,I always 'bounce back' somehow.

And it also seems not so long ago that I was consumed with the enthusiasm,uncertainty,doubts,lack of self confidence and eventually determination;to proceed with my studies against all odds.And come May,my exams commences God-willing.The almost forgone ideas are coming now that I've got very little time to spare for writing anything besides assignments.I haven't even been able to update my journal for a while now.I tell myself I do…