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Didn't sleep over it...just slept like a non-troublesome baby

I would be acting modestly if I mince words in saying my life's not been a roller-coaster.To put it mildly though,it's been dramatic,suspenseful,thrilling,challenging,frustrating,spiritual,fun-filled,unbelievable and I reserve the other adjectives.
Yesterday was one of those days I felt like I was shouldering the world's troubles....that's just like a routine in my life.What I call'business as usual".
Trying to find a balance isn't a walk at the park..but it doesn't mean I should let go.Quitters are never winners if they don't come back to fight another day(my philosophy).
What's this mantra'bout cup half full and empty cup or something like that?Anyway,I do not subscribe to the idea of settling for less when you can have more.However,I also say,"count your blessings" and don't be ungrateful.Life passes us by when we focus more on negativity and neglect the possibilities that lies ahead of us.I know things can be pretty daunting at times.I mean,I am amongst others a living testimony of'miracles' and life's unexpected great expectations (not being exegerative).Even though I sometimes feel like disappearing from the surface of the earth for a short while,something I refer to as an escapade from my endless worries?I am not delusional enough to think life would be what it is if everything goes smoothly (reality check).
I happen to have imbibed the saying of optimists..."God never gives us a burden we can't handle"..may be not exactly in those words,but you get the drift?
I am a worrying wart..wish I could help it most times though.I keep telling myself to let go of the things I can't change.It's been more of a saying than a belief....go figure!
I think I should t"entitle" my next post"the People In My World",it's high time...who knows what tomorrow would bring?Perhaps...somebody would stumble upon my writings after am gone and circulate it for the world to read.That would be fulfilling one of my wishes,God willing.

"The Best Things in Life Are free": As 'cliched' as this phrase sounds...I completely concur one hundred percent.Am not known to join the wagon...but this is my own perspective and I just couldn't agree more.I mean,even if we want to counter-argue this by saying you could'buy' know?like Oxygen?That you can replace a lost or damaged eyeball(s)?That you could replace an amputated leg,arm or even use an Ear-aid for hearing loss?We may even go as far as saying the word"Infertility" is archaic and that a man now bears a baby (may God help me)...Can we deny the fact that,sometimes,even when we can afford the world,people might not necessarily be our friends for our wealth or riches...but just becasue they like us for who we or poor?That even though you want to buy loyalty with money,the same money could make this loyalist betray you?And that in so many places in the world today,some phenomenal individuals have left their high-paying jobs to serve humanity?That even though Medical profession is glamourous...the title a"Doctor"...some Doctors are still in the field to help the less fortunate even though they are not getting the financial rewards?It is actually undeniably more selfless than glamorous..The noble profession,as worldy acclaimed and as "noble" as it is,does not give trainers the monetary returns commensurate to their labour?
How then can we say the best things in life can be bought?The true friendship that exists for all those who have had it and still do,was not bought.It generated because of the immaterial benefits we gain from each other.The sense of belongingness we feel because know someone cares.The joy that makes us glow because we know we can count on someone come what may.
The path my life journey has taken me,made me a better person,a more grateful soul and even though life sometimes hit me hard like an unforeseen rock,throwing me off-balance,I can succintly say..there's much more to life than just gratifying 'selfish wishes...with me,others always count...people count...when you feel like life's not worth living for...don't just throw in the towel...remember the moments in your life when someone made you feel special.That person,no matter who...stranger,friend,colleague,teacher,neighbour..passersby....friend of a friend,acquintance,class or flatmate,your family...anyone...any living soul...just hold on to that..and give life as many chance as possible.Your world doesn't revolve around you alone...Do not make a selfish decision of taking the life you didn't create...someone cares...just give life a chance to find out who that person is!!!


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