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No hiding place....

I probably wouldn't have been able to focus if I decided to suspend using the Internet for my studies.It seems like yesterday when everyone was sending greetings to their loved ones..ushering in the new year with so much hope.Yeah!H-O-P-E...the famous magical word for non-quitters.It's a good thing I've got my cousin around,it's been therapeutic.It has given me a balance that's been void for a while.And I'll get back to my usual routine when she's gone.That shouldn't be difficult,I always 'bounce back' somehow.

And it also seems not so long ago that I was consumed with the enthusiasm,uncertainty,doubts,lack of self confidence and eventually determination;to proceed with my studies against all odds.And come May,my exams commences God-willing.The almost forgone ideas are coming now that I've got very little time to spare for writing anything besides assignments.I haven't even been able to update my journal for a while now.I tell myself I don't want to be one of those "jack of all,master of none" dreamers.but the truth is,I've never been a'one-ambition' kind of person.I've always been full of ideas most of which are feasible of course.I think I can boldly say i make a distinction between 'fantasy and reality'.I know how many wishes I make and ones that are not far from my reach.And at this phase of my life,I have to accept that certain aspirations have to be on hold for a little while longer.We'll see what the future holds in store.I think I better stop now cos this isn't coming out as I want it to.
But I think I made a useful discovery today that's worth noting-I found a Fabric store--thanks to my neighbour...!!!


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