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Hmm!Random thoughts...

labelling,misconstrue,....these words seem to have something in common besides their parts of speech-they can easily and ignorantly land one into trouble.We often use some of these words in conversations,but do not really'think' of their interpretations.Some of the words,we 'act out'..not utter.Like'stereotyping' for will be biased if you 'assumed brilliant students are "always" proud.It's a stereotypical behaviour to now be snobbish towards them because you think'defence is the best form of attack'.Ok,enough playing around in words.Sometimes,I think too abstract I have to remind myself to not be too philosophical.So,I was meant to call up an obg and book an appointment.The conversation was a'one-way' thing as unexpected.For whatever reason,this fellow must have thought I was looking for a handout because that was the only explanation for the cold shoulder I got.I was supposed to be on referral,this specialist supposedly came on recommendation.To save myself this heartache,I've decided to let it go and not act the same way'assuming'.But the bottomline is that,if there's ever a time I doubted the saying'first impression matters a lot',yesterday'd definately not be one of such.Arrrrrrrrggggggg!!!Where's the smiley when I need one?I was really pissed!People'll be who they want or choose to be.I do not have the power to change that!Ok,I think am done venting now.Will get back to this later.My eyes seem to be twinkling and am not concentrating.It's funny how I didn't want to watch Speed2 for the umpteenth time,but still find myself turning sideways because of Sandra Bullock and a piece of action too....huh!Just before I sign off,I want to sing my same ol'song....I miss home..I miss my families,my friends,sisters in faith,brethren in general....I miss the scenery.Not that this place's not beautiful,as a matter of fact,there's no comparison in that respect.Like my people will say,"you can't compare a sleep-state with death'.That's the summary!But am going to sound cliched again,"there's no place like home".Whether one means that figuratively or literally,it's very true to an undeniable extent.I mean,you can't ship all your families(I'm talking extended now) abroad even if you emigrate.So,you'll find yourself missing them or the life you had at some point.That's of course,considering you are'home bred' before you join the lots.So for someone of my age,accepting change isn't as easy as it sounds.
Ok,again,something else I had thought of ealier in the day just came to mind.I know how people say"it's either yes or no".For instance,a man asks a woman,"do you love me"?And she goes,"yes,but.....".But what?No,it's either you love me or you don't.That's one of the overused phrases of our time(like "fabulous").So,I don't like being hackneyed into such situation and would just like to make my submission on this subject which is,life is not"black and white".Whether one fails to admit it or not doesn't change that fact.There's a grey area in-between.This is something I have come to realise over the years.There're times we do the right thing,yet hurt someone in the process.One would have thought doing the right thing should make you feel liberated.There're definately times during the right thing leaves you with guilt.And that's the grey area am talking about.I won't go around compelling anyone to say'yes or no',if the situation requires a phrase,and not a word.God help us!
Alright,am still here...something came to my mind today in one of my ruminating sessions.This thing called elovee is sometimes confusing.You'll hear someone say,Love is kind,gentle,not vengeful nor hurtful.The most worn out is,"Love is blind".Oh! they also say it intoxicates(excess of everything does that actually).But thank God that grammarians quickly came to our rescue.They discovered the most popular four-letter word,and then realised it can't just have another four-letter opposite(mind you,they say that's not even the opposite,but"indifferent" is) 'hate'.So,they came up with the word"obsession".In order words,it means that,even love has a limit.Can you now understand why'good things,actions,deeds or even thoughts' can have a grey area?So,before you commit murder or suicide for the sake of"Love",you had better think deeply(twice might not be enough) before you take that decision.Afterall,in the olden days as we call it in my place,our great-great-grandmothers(fourth in my case) were just just given out like china to their crowns.So,what's love got to do with that,huh?


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