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Adieu MJ...!!!

To say that I've got a lot on my plate at the moment,would be understating the reality.But,it didn't stop me from having a quiet mournful sobs on the death of MJ.I don't need to read the'fans' or'media's review to find the words that would adequately describe how I feel.It's kind of weird though.I mean,I am one of those who would never underestimate the power of the human mind.I know within me that I've always loved Micheal Jackson as a person and a Music icon,but I didn't realise I would be this affected.I think the most vivid feeling was that of "shock" and disbelief.I mean,I'm not even an acclaimed music fan,but there's just something about Micheal that has to be felt,not just written.I consider him an 'enigma'.The world couldn't just get enough of him.I have journalled that in my diary eaelier this morning.I had to listen to the radio from my phone for confirmation.I was searching for something concrete to hold on to.But like his life,I didn't need anything concrete to believe he was truly gone.
Death is a natural thing and completes the circle of life,whether someone dies of a heart failure or just didn't wake up from sleep,death is death and that's all there is to it.Babies die,scholars die,queens die,Kings and princesses die,humanitarians die and even Godly people pass away to the great beyond.Besides the fact that Micheal was a legendary pop artist,I saw him more as aphilantropist and a kind-hearted person.And in my own view,no amount of scandal or sourt cases,not even an allegation of molestation can take what I held in my heart about him away-ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!He came,he saw,but he didn't conquer!And he's gone now after five solid decades of his melodramatic existence.Whether critiques like it or not,Micheal left an indelible imprint in the hearts of many,will continue to be remembered for his popularity,his unequalled voice and unique dance steps.which is still unrivalled.Many have tried to emulate and immitate him.He was a model for some younger pop artists,and adored by many.Some even took this to the extreme,he was their 'idol',a demi-god.
I wasn't born before the death of Elvis Presley,but my generation has been pretty much around to appreciate the ingenuity of Micheal Jackson.I remember as a kid,keeping his photocards from a particular bubble gum.I didn't even chew gum back then(still don't),but would save my last penny to get one of those.I would pick after people that bought the gum and kept it for a long time.I used to look at it and compared his old afro look ( which I preferred) with the new curly haired and pointed nose'white' MJ.I must have had about six of those photo cards at some point.I mean,it was like my'little secret' and it was all'within' me.
I remember I once wrote in a profile when asked who I would like to meet..."I wrote Micheal Jackson.And where I had to give the reason for this 'wish' I wrote"to know who he really is,(was) for real".
I had always been curious to know him as an individual,as a 'person' and not just as a pop legend or the controversial figure every media wants to have a piece of.I took special interest in following any news about him.I admit I usually don't go all out to get this news,they were afterall not in his best interest.And sometimes,I felt the media just loved the attention any news on Micheal grants their piece.I never thought I would be this touched by his death.I had no idea he was schedulled to perform in London and had been rehearsing for the past couple of months.It would have gladdened my heart if he had lived long enough to do that.But when the time comes,when the Creator says your time is up,ain't nothing's gonna stop it.
I remember when I first heard he had reverted to Islam,I didn't take the news with any seriousness,but brushed it off as one of those gimmicks media adopt when they're no longer popular or have run out of news.Besides,it wasn't the first time something weird and bizzarre would be written about Micheal...That was my thought at the time.But this morning,I listened to the news and heard that his families,or the brother in particular said on his death that,'they pray Allah accepts him".Now that,I couldn't shake off!The next thing that came to my mind was,"I wish someone had made him pronounce the shahaddah(bearing witness that none deserves worship,but God).It means,he was actually a Muslim till death.Whether he was practising Islam till the end or not,I have taken consolation in him dying a 'Muslim'.And it means I can actually continue to pray for the repose of his soul.
I always felt like I knew him,one-on-one.Like I understood him and saw him differently from the way the world 'knew' and thought of him.I saw him more than a pop legend or an entertainer.I saw him as a lost soul yearning for acceptance and guidance.I saw him as someone who,was on the search for 'inner peace'.It's rather unfortunate that,he lived his life under a constant scrutiny of the law.From the his innocent childhood of'Afro',to his youth age of allegations and stability issues,to the nose job and a complete personality overhaul,I've always loved Micheal all the way.I know millions of people all over the globe feel this way about him,and the critiques too are there to give us a different perspective to the life and times of this incredible and phenomenal personality.
I think my way of remembering Micheal will be different from the memories of his Billie Jean debut album,or the red and black leather jacket,or his famous one glove and the unmatched "moonlight dance" because,I usually 'relate' with his music.Especially the unpopular ones like,'Have you seen my childhood'?,"Heal the World"......and "Gone too soon' a dedication to his young friend who died of cancer.There was a message about his music that was ignored.He was reaching out to the world,he was a needy man who was a better giver.He would reach out to the emotionally down trodden and give them a message of hope.I think the world wasn't really ready for his large-heartedness and would rather spend a whole decade writing about his law suits and unending charges.Why couldn't they just see for once,the goodness in this rare being.He was a messiah of pop music,he revolutioned pop and gave it a whole new outlook.The old,the youth and young at heart could relate with his music.He was an all-rounder,even though pop isn't a genre of music that cuts across all age group.There was no denying it,Micheal Jackson was a force you couldn't help but be fascinated with.He had a way of affecting people with his music,albeit his questionable persoanlity and unending charges.One thing I wished for though was that,he would outlive these allegations,revive his glory from the days of Jackson five and be reckoned with for the goodness he had to offer the world.I mean,his ranch was opened to kids who never thought they'd live to enjoy such luxuries in their lifetime.He did touch many children's lives.Even people who have made more billions than him didn't build a private' disney world' for children,but he did it even though he was infamous for it.But the world couldn't care less,or should I say his critiques would rather have a fill of his trials and bankruptcy than commend his humanitarian gestures.He had a very bizzarre passion and his ideas of'fathering' wasn't really famous like his music,but he was more than that and I just wish he could be seen and remembered for that goodness as well.
I can't believe I just sat here and wrote all these about Micheal,I don't even talk about him,or rather,didn't talk about him this much in his lifetime.I guess I preferred to 'feel' than talk about him.He had too much publicity afterall.And I know that somewhere out there,there may be a handful of people who feel this way about Micheal Jackson,wacko jacko,king of pop,legend of his time,a genius in his own rights,a misunderstood figure.His memory lives on in the minds of people who liked him for who he was,and admired him for the way he touched people with his music.
For me,his memory will forever linger on,unspoken or not.And I can only end this piece on the note that,he is a different person in the eyes of the Creator and that all that happened in this world does not determine where he will spend the Hereafter.Humans have judged him,but he's in the presence of the Judge of all judges now.That is the paramount!
Adieu MJ....!!!From God we came and from Him we shall return!


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