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My heart's wandering!

It's been almost two weeks since my last post.It wasn't deliberate and I wish that wasn't the case because it's put me under pressure of wanting to keep up before the month ends.Anyway,am glad am back now.And i actually felt a lot better today because I got a few messages from my old friends and my dear cousin.I have been internalising so much I had to shed a few of my burdens.I'm quite aware there're times one feels like the world's coming to an end.You feel like the world's problems are on your shoulders.But it gets better because tough times don't last.At least,that's what you keep telling yourself and hanging on to the tiny rope called 'hope'.
As usual,I've been doing a lot of thinking lately..I think it's high time I rephrased that...I should just say it'when am not thinking' since thinking's the routine.
I suddenly remembered my phone's got an FM radio because of the'ladies'night out' I was privileged to attend last Monday.At first,I didn't think I would be attending because of the situation.Hubby was away and I wasn't in good shape.Still,I knew I could and would drag myself there and manage a laugh or two,if there was a way.A three-star holiday inn hosted us to the evening.I was 'odd' as always, being the only attendant with her 'entourage'.I had to go with my entire household,otherwise I wouldn't have been able to attend.I left earlier than most of the ladies,but I had a terrific evening,just being able to interact with intelligent minds.It was first of it's kind and I look forward to another in the future.So,the guest speaker was a radio presenter amongst other port folios.And she got me thinking of what I want to specialize in as a Communication science student.I think my flair and love for writing completely shadowed my other skill (if talking is considered as one).Well,not just talking,but coherence and fluency.I could do that,I just don't know why it took me this long to realize that.I should have known being a good debater back in high school meant,I could develop on that as well.I would love to do broadcasting,that I know.I had only restricted myself to presenting on a T.V and never really considered the radio.Anyway,the future's yet to come, and there's still room for choices.God spare my life!


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