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I went down memory lane,when I used to go out in the company of my granny (paternal)..and I wish I could have those moments back!
Old age can be strange especially if you used to know what the elderly was like in her youth.God bless my granny!I remember how my cousins used to tease me of not getting along with her because we're supposedly 'look-alikes'...How interesting!Well,some other family members did say so too.
Her memory just flashed through my mind few minutes ago and I remember saying I wish I could talk to her,some days back.Her thoughts' been on my mind lately and I pray she still hangs-in-there till 'whenever' we're able to go home.I would have phoned to speak with her if only she would comprehend and know who was'calling'.I remember one of her funny songs.Heaven knows where she got the lyrics from,but it used to amaze everyone.We used to find it more amusing actually.And looking back now,to think that that same very energetic,workaholic,disciplinarian,business-minded and caring woman,is as helpless as a child?The process is simply phenomenal!My granny's a nonagenarian,and only heaven knows if I would live that long.Am sure she had no idea she was going to live till this age.She just lived her life day,one day at a time.And it's just intrguing how she has survived four decades without her husband.I do reflect on her unequalled and unparalleled virtues.She is a very principled lady- I took after her in a little way!But her standards are unmatched by my own generation.She is indeed an incredible personality.The most fascinating thing about her is her intelligence and the calibre of offsprings she produced.I didn't plan on making a tribute to her because I've ended up doing that now as it appears.But she's a remarkable woman and I do ask myself,'what would she have become,was she educated'?
She has a very warm smile,too meticulous and very organised.And she's really beautiful with a very lovely complexion,even in old age.It's funny how much attention she pays to her looks even at this age.And now,when I"ve learnt that she can't even differentiate between my her son and visitors,I just sank and couldn't get the picture of my childhood,in her company off my mind.I mean,I practically had to walk fast to keep up the pace when going out with her.She doen't like sluggishness and wouldn't tolerate it.For someone who's cleanliness was just impeccable,to now be carried to the bathroom,cleaned after,and sometimes even get a soclding like that of a child,is just touching.She was very vibrant and always ready to go.Very independent and hardworking.I've still got a childhood memory of her scolding and spanking my older cousins.Despite her high-handedness,she loved her grandchildren deeply and would bring an item for every single grandchild once a year,when she was around for the festive seasons.I remember how we used to look forward to that,back in the days.If only technology had been so kind to us back then,I'd have recorded some of the moments we shared with her.It'd be fun to relish over that.Well,what can I say?It is only natural that she grows old and we should just be grateful we've still got her around.I was quite naughty and sometimes impatuent with her at some point.Recalling that now,I wish I were more tolerant and understanding.It wasn't her doing...she was just completing the circle!And there were times I just wanted to be in her company..I remind myself she might not be with us much longer.So,it'd be best to enjoy it while it lasts.Well,she's still here(I mean'there').Unfortunately am not home to see how much she's changed in the last couple of years.
Even if and when I eventually decide to make a tribute to her,I might just come here to copy this piece!
This is to growing old gracefully-A tribute to my granny!


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