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Catching up..

It's funny how you think you know yourself..until you keep discovering as you grow older. Am not proud to admit that I procrastinate and am just discovering it. I used to think otherwise,perhaps,things changed over time. I'm usually being accused of being 'too compliant' and somewhat 'too serious-minded'.I think I probably used to be,but becoming a wife and consequently mother of two hasn't amde things any easier. I've found myself putting off so many things I naturally would have done before even making the announcement in the past.I usually don't do things halfway,but it's what I do a lot these days.Which brings me to the issue of my prospective Books.....yes,'Books' because I intend to write two different ones,randomly or selectively. I have given many excuses that I am begining to think I'd never get this book written if I do not continue. ....I also just realised I've been using the word'start' all along,meanwhile,I …