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"As women we’re so often caught in the whirlwind demands of our work and home lives that we don’t have the time to focus on ourselves and the goals we once set"-W&H magazine.I couldn't agree more because it's the reason I haven't had enough time for myself and my studies lately.I honestly ask myself if being a worker would be any different from being a housewife.Huh!Housewife,home-maker,stay-at-home mom and the rest of the phrases used to describe people who fall in my category.Something tells me the life of an entrepreneurs'wife is no different either.Unless of course,if you're completely 'detached' from the business,which am clearly not.And so it has become a routine that,at one point or another,we have guests who are not 'just guests' but freinds and hence,we offer a preferential treatment in hosting them.
I definately have got no problem welcoming our 'special guests'.As a matter of fact,it's therapeutic for me as it gives me an opportunity to interact with people from home and enjoy the privilege of going out while their stay lasts.It's usually the case,even if it's somewhere I've been before like the malls.It's usually a huge difference,no matter what.There're many stores I've never been too keen on discovering since I've been in SA.But when these people're around,I enjoy taking them around and never stop them from walking through the doors of these stores,however expensive and unaffordable they are.It gives them a different feeling and they gain more awareness compared to our motherland,which operates an entirely different system when it comes to shopping.
Ok,so after I struggled with it for a while,I realised it was a futile battle and a wasted effort because there're times I'd rather be left alone and enjoy some'me time'.But that rarely happens when there're issues to be attended to outside the home.
These reasons and more have been hindrances to the things I enjoy doing as stress busters and a form of meditation.I haven't been able to update my blog regularlyI have been behind in keeping my diary,even left a vacuum where my studies'concerned.But a lot has happened since I last updated my blog.
I was finally able to attend the awaited Conference at the main Campus of Unisa and was happy to.That was last Thursday-6th August.And my dear friend from motherland here was delivered of a baby boy on Monday,the 3rd of August.Am so,so happy for her and the naming's holding today.Which brings me to one of my "extended duties".I'd be doing a lot of cooking today and am just awaiting hubby to bring the slaughtered lamb (do I owe an apology to vegetarians?).Well,until then,let me enjoy my little 'freedom of thought' before I resume to the kitchen.
Oh!And it's 'Women's day' today and I've played my part by sending a number of text messages to people I think I needed to.It's one of those days I wished I was more than a wife and mother.I look forward to the future,God willing and wait for that day when I'd be standing on a podium,with the microphone in my hands and dazzle my audience with an inspiring speech,lecture,talk or whatever I would be doing then.It will come,by God's special grace.That day will surely come,if am still living!

Not having the time to write does not mean there wasn't anything to write about.Infact,there were times I logged in but ended up shutting down without being able to write anything as a result of exahaustion.The past few days have been somehwat tiring and I would be lieing to myself if I denied it.I also notice it's unsual considering that I haven't done anything outside the ordinary recently.Ok,I think I should just pause on that for now.It will get better,hopefully.

It's close to that very special month in Islam when brethren get closer to their Creator and endevour to be better Muslims.We are half way through the month prior Ramadan-Shaaban and as always,there's nothing special going on here.I should have got used to that by now,but am apparently not and doubt I would.Sundays, as always reminds me of what we used to do and where we used to go few years back.Things aren't the way they used to be.Not that I expect them to,but surely not what it's like now.But perhaps,this year may be slightly different if we get invited to some programmes organised for this season.At least,so I hope.
Huh!Guess who's hope got rekindled'bout going home this year?I won't hold my breath as we may end up on a different planet outside Africa.Girl,don't I wish i were done with assignments and exams at this stage?Each time I imagine spending a'care-free' time somewhere and anywhere but here,I quickly remind myself am just a beginner and I've got a long way to go before am done witht the classroom.Yeah!I know it's one of those days you just want to disappear off the surface of the earth.When you wished you didn't have anything to worry about a thing.Wishful thinking,huh?


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