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This is me..moving on!

I didn't vouch not to get close to this machine-impossible.Although I might not have had to.But it's no use fighting it because it's my last resolve.Not having a companion during this time of the day(physical I mean) and not being bale to do much this fasting period wasn't what I had anticipated before Ramadan commenced.But then again,I have told myself to now start practising the things I so claim to believe in-less talk,more action.First and foremost,it's my academic tool however hard I've tried sticking to prints alone.It just wouldn't work for a distance-learner.I'd have to keep myself updated on things via the Internet.So whether I want to take a sneek peep into FB or browse through the Islamic sites,it is inevitable.And I've accepted that.

It's been a while since I've been inspired by 'someone' to write until I met this young talent waiting to be discovered.So,if in the next four,five years I want to start regretting not being in a classroom and interacting with students,I would swallow the thought because of this young friend of mine.She's quite brilliant and talented.I'm not sure she realises this yet,but am on the mission to remind her 'never to sell herself short',no matter how bad the circumstances.She reminds me so much of my teenage years....somethings you can't have back!Well,besides the fact that she's helping me out with two of my modules-yeah,am rusty in Literature now.She's also opened my eyes again and revitalised me somewhat.She doesn't know this too,but I do.She reminded of how much I enjoy mentoring,and I've missed that so much.I get mentored by older and like-minded ladies too.And it's quite natural because I always enjoy doing the same for others.It's almost scary too that we share so much similarities.A lot alike and having same interests.It's almost unbelievable.And it's amazing how we're torn apart by geographical boundaries,thousands of miles away yet connected so incredibly.It's simply awesome!I haven't met a young person that enjoys writing the way I do and seem to have similar choice of words for expression.Poetry is that form of art that brings hearts together,connecting them in a way even they cannot comprehend.It's effect is magical!

Before I got out of bed this morning,I had tons of thoughts tossed round my head and wished I had a laptop.Most of the time,I end up not being bale to recall everything as they're usually random of thoughts.Well,no hassles.It'll come back to me if it's meant for the record.

Oh!I remember how I thought the society has placed so much authority in men,cultural norms and values worsen this situation by expecting women to be submissive,at all cost.Male chauvinism is regarded as'normal' and not unexpected.I think I probably wouldn't have had problems with this backward reasoning if it didn't translate to women being treated like'subjects or some possessions'.It is this unchecked practise that pushes some women to the end of their teether and become rebellious.When it comes looking for a'twisted' argument in support of men exercising their God-given rights,they make references to religious Books.But when it comes to the issue of equality and fair treatment,they simply become clueless.I know there's this thing in me that always want to "fight for the helpless".It's always been there and it's the bedrock of all the choices of careers I've always been interested in.When I was a child and wanted to become a Lawyer,I had criminal law in mind.There was the will to defend the helpless and seek justice for the less advantaged or oppressed.At some point,I got interested in academics because am a very firm believer in knwoledge acquisition and believe it will wipe out ignorance.It may sound like a tall order but it's not impossible.If I teach one student right,that student will pass on the knowledge and the transmission will continue.
A choice career in the media has never been far from my's innate.I have always been a writer and speaker at the same time.Well,the two seem to be impossible as some would say.But what can I say?It's only natural for me and I plan on developing these skills to use them to the optimal benefit of humanity.I want to be the'people's voice' when they need to be heard but cannot be heard.I want to 'write right',dismiss wrong' and clamour for justice.I want to help feed hungry souls with hope,the lost ones,find their path and the doubtful ones,certainty.I want to reach out to the lowest and go to out of reach places.I want to fulfil my purpose here on earth,to serve God and humanity.I want to leave a legacy that generations after me would be proud of.And if I can combine all these things,academics with media,author,Poet,editor,volunteer,why not?I would not set limits to achieving all these goals because it can be done.It's been done,it's still been done and I can do it as well,with God on my side.
I still do not know what the future holds but I sincerely pray that whether home or abroad,I get to make that breakthrough.But I wish so much that I would be able to play the part I want to play in making my homecountry a better place.I would really love to share my ideas and impact on the young generation.I believe they need all the moral support they can get to help them make the right decisions in life.It's never too much!Time will tell,God willing.


  1. certain things about what you have written sis, made me speechless...yes frankly....i just can't believe it....

    when i was a kid, i was really impressed by lawyers and at one point of my life, i said that i would become a lawyer to defend the weak and protect them. yet, i preferred teaching cause there are so many ignorant people...and each pupil that i have taught, i know that this will benefit the world. Besides, i wish that one day i also become a writer, not just to become famous but to show to the world especially youngsters about how others have also strive and help them to become better as far as volunteering, im already into that.
    so many things in come sis? isn't that a miracle?


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