Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CHANGE is eminent and permanent!

Whoever came up with the saying,"Change is the only constant thing in life" was darn correct.I can't begin to list all the changes I've personally made over the years.One of the obvious was drinking 'coffee'.It was like the word never existed until"South Africa" happened"!I never knew caffeine was toxic to my system until I arrived here.I wasn't a tea-drinker from the onset.I just never thought I was missing out on anything and it didn't bother me at all.I haven't always been a'food' fan,so to speak.So exploring food and drinks wasn't my thing-I loved fruits though.But there's one thing I know for sure,I have always preffered hot food to cold,and am still that way.So,I now drink coffee,chocolate drinks-from hot chocolate to milk shakes.But this is me am talking about,an overtly cautious and almost precaurious weirdo.I have always believed in having a balanced life,a good sense of well-being and not over-indulgence.It just comes naturally that am almost not an extremist in anything.Yet,I can be annoyingly meticulous.This trait comes in handy more than not because I get to see things "most people" would not see.I can be very attentive and observant,but negligent at the same time.I call that"minding my own business".I may pass by the same person like a hundreth time and not be able to give a description.Contrastingly,I may just take a cursory look or a glance and give a vivid and accurate description of a person or place.But that's just me being 'me'.I usually do this "to myself".Am a self-imposed perfectionist,but I don't push people the way I push myself.I set high standards for myself than I do unto others.So,in practically everything I do,I try not to be over-indulgent.If I was to be described by someone who knew me from childhood,the person would most likely miss out on certain things because I am still discovering myself as well.
Sixteen years back,my cousins would say am not an organised person and, I would likely say the same thing about myself if asked.I remember just pushing my clothes down the keep-bag and the boxes in our 9-foot room.My personal items would be found lying somewhere under the bed and I would feel embarrassed when am called to come get stuffs.Till this very day,I never seize to wonder if it was the teenage hormones or sheer negligence that made me that careless.In my present life,I seem to be struggling with the fact that my home can't be as organised as I want it to be.Am always picking up after my husband and kids.It is very exhausting and frustrating.The joy of living in a mansion for me would be the chance I get to have a space for everything.Books belong on a shelve,shoes should have their own place,tools in the store along with other things we don't use regularly and which doesn't belong in the lounge or kitchen;like the hoover for instance,the pram that's no longer in use and which I can't give away because I haven't met anyone to give it to.And the junk mails????Lord have mercy!I always feel quilty when I pack them from the letter-box knowing they're going to the trash.So,I let it lie around for a while and then look through groceries am not interested in and the cuts in booze I never tasted my whole life.But the truth is,I would feel much better if those junk mails don't get delivered into my letter-box in the first place.
So,I have changed from not realising I have innate organisational skills to sharing ideas about getting things done the right way.From a non-tea drinker to even a coffee lover-note:am not an addict to anything.Not even the movies I've loved watching from childhood that kept me glued to the screen everyday.I still have a vivid recall of some of the soapies of the mid 80's ,unlike most my peers.Hubby once aked me how old I was because I'm not really supposed to remember that period,but I do.So between drinking caffeinated tea and having a "mug" of coffee,everything's well balanced.It's not something I can't do without because I may not even drink coffee in months.When I do,I do not take more than one cup a day and not more than four times a week.My regular tea also becomes irregular when I can't go otu to town to get it because it's not sold in the neighbourhood stores.I take the herbal cammomile tea or the green tea-I've got two flavours of those.One is with mint,the other is a rejuvenating tea.These are my regulars.I settle for caffeinated tea,without sugar but milk when I've run out of the herbals.I get headache from lack of sleep,taking too much caffeine is adding salt to injury as my people would say.Besides,am just too health conscious to ingest anything without knowing the effect.

Am old-fashoned and still prefer prints to electronics.If it is an unconscious thing because am an aspiring author,then good for me.But the truth is,as much as I have found solace in the internet,it can't repalce my love for 'paper'.I love stationeries beyond words.I love to have books around and with me anywhere and everywhere I go.But then again, I must say that having access to the internet did not only make study materials and information easy,but it has also helped in keeping  me balanced and in tune with things.This machine cannot repalce my families or friends,not in a million years to come.But it has afforded me the medium to stay in contact and keep in touch with them.It would be very difficult to maintain that contact if I can't access it.I know friends who would rather chat with me online,send me mails and messages on facebook,and I appreciate that.And I also respect the fact that some people do not have access to the internet and would rather give me a buzz or a text message on my phone.What's important is that we're keeping in touch.I have met wonderful people from different parts of the globe on the internet.I wouldn't want to lose that.I cannot say that"old friends are better than new ones" because it's a subjective statement.It depends on the kind of relationship that existed between you back then.What I've also come to realise over time is the fact that,it is even more difficult to catch up with an old friend because everyone seem to have "moved on".If you have not communicated for a long time,you can't bridge the gap.They've made new friends and so have you.You'll now realise that you do not have anything in common in your present lives.And since not everyone enjoys going back in the days,you communication dies a natural death and you're just"friends" in saying but not in the reality of things.There are some of my friends I haven't spoken to in almost two years now,but with whom I can catch up and pick up from where we left,anytime we see again.It would seem like we were never really apart before.Being in this country alone without friends like I had back home have opened my eyes to things I probably wouldn't have paid attention to if I were still amongst my friends back home.There are times I feel like am the one doing all the work and trying to keep the line of communication open.If there's anything I've learned about friendship,like any other form of relationship,it is that,you give and take.You don't take and take.You may not reciprocate in the same way,but you can do something else to show you care.And it is for this reason that I do not get upset with some of my friends, who are waiting to hear or read from me always,when they do not initiate this act on their own.But like the saying goes,"life goes on"!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's update time...

A forthnight back,I was held back by an unavoidable appearance at the office.Last week,we were taking care of things,dinning with the top notch in the Nigeria civil service commission-they were delegates for the conference..sorry can't go into details now!This week commenced and I wasn't able to get much done until today.I've balanced my study fees and I should grasp my textbooks next to commence revision.It was like a nightmare that would never end.I lacked the verb and adjectives to express what I felt until today.I felt a relief,a huge one.I felt like my overburdened mind, head,shoulders were freed (for now at least).I think it's about time I accepted that things are going to be this way for a very long time to come,more like "eternity" actually.I will just have to buckle up and adjust to the system.
Ours is not a 'regular' family [whatever that means].And fighting it is a complete waste of energy and time.Things will not run "smoothly" around here,that is no pessimism but a fact.Even the big boss himself is now crying for a break.I feel sorry for him!He just keeps pushing and I pray he doesn't have a nervous breakdown.Which brings me to the my theory about 'loving what you do' and being passionate about it.I told his new assistant (thank Heavens he got one for this conference,else I'd have pressured him into hiring one temporarily) that,I think what he does is what keeps him going.I however fear for what would happen if he isn't 'overworked',go up and about.That would be an unusual case for him and I have no idea what could happen.Everyone has a motivating factor.We all have something that makes us tick.As far as my hubby is concerned,doing what he does best is what makes him want to get up every morning.But it doesn't mean I shouldn't be there to caution him when he's overdoing it (which he does more often than not).I need to be a reminder to him that when we're gone to the great beyond,none of these hussles,strives and pursuit of success will be a bonus for the Hereafter.

My assignments overwhelmed me beyond words that I began'drugging' myself literally.I was taking tea to keep me awake.Tea without milk (I don't take sucrose/sugar) is not a good combination for a natural insomniac like me.When I take two tea bags,it reduces my sleeping hours.And I was just overdosing on that to keep me awake.It didn't really work cos I was adding too much milk deliberately.I hated the idea of depriving myself of sleep when I really needed it.But all that's over now.I have finally submitted my assignments today and am awaiting the results for the previous ones.I should go back to the textbooks soon though,there's so much work to be done.Exam's less than a month away now,God willing.

We will always be in the middle of something,either at the office or with the guest house.I cancelled my "free eye screening" last wednesday because of the mini-conference.Yes,'mini-conference' because the big one is scheduled for November,God willing. So I intend to go tomorrow hoping there wouldn't be any interruption.
I think I should take a break for now,my eyes need it,so do my brain!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not-so-good days....

Am not rushing down to the office,no way!I fee like am being punished,God help me!If I had forgotten why I never really like the idea of being a"business tycoon,mogul,whiz"..and the rest of the phrase used in classifying them folks..then the past two days was a good flashback and a very useful reminder.This isn't the first time I've had to fill in for hubby when he travels,but it's been very,very crazy from day1.I was at the office yesterday and was terrified of picking the phone after a while.Why would that be?
I know the phrase "never say never",but I never want to find myself in that difficult and repressive situation.I hate situations I can't change or have no control over.I so hate the idea of"customer's always right,bullshit!@@@@!!!!Arrrrrgggggggghhh!!!I am so furious!!!I can easily back out and tell them to shove their rude and nasty attitude in their faces,but I won't do too mature for that.I however set one of them straight,you can't be yelling at me from across the phone when you have no idea who I am.And the most annoying thing is knowing that,hubby's apperance and figure changes their countenance.They don't budge when they see him.So,what do they do?They bully some tiny-voiced girl over the phone and swallow their shame when they see the'boss' himself.What nonsense!.And for those who come in person,they just think they're talking to some teenager out of high school-what has 'weight' got to do with it???This' one of the few times I wish I was bigger than I am and maybe even look my age.Am no petit as such,neither am I on the big side.I wish I could appreciate my figure the way those who know my status do-a mother of two in her early thirties,but who doesn't look it!Is it a crime to be this way?Well,the bottomline's that,no matter what the job or the position,I won't bring myself down for people who have no respect for others and do not know where to draw the line.This isn't the first time and it just isn't worth the insults.They all do it,white,black,coloured,Indian...They all do it so am not going to single anyone out now.I don't treat people that way.Am naturally polite and do not like to make people feel belittled.I'm being crucified for being too understanding and considerate by some of my friends,yet it doesn't stop me from being who I am.I know some people take this for granted though.I can't do it,I just can't.I just hate the idea that people "think&believe" everyone lies.There're people who don't.I remember it was one of the reasons I changed my mind about being a Lawyer.The thought of having to lie just irritated me and the worst of it is the mindset held about people in the legal profession.There are jobs for people who's trademark is honesty and whose dignity lies in being trustworthy.I think it was why I enjoyed teaching and would deal with real life issues in journalism or broadcasting.I can't be compelled to tell a lie.And it's just pointing me towards the direction of what am passioante about,the more.Service and delivery are related and if not well handled can damage one's image.If it's a direct service like selling goods or lecturing for instance,I can handle that,and any other thing that falls within this category.But the ones that involves third parties and an intermediary can be pretty herculian.You could lose your integrity,get your reputation damaged if the middleman isn't delivering.And that's the problem we're currently faced with.

The truth is,as much as I would like to continue being a supportive wife,I do not think I can handle this secretarial/receptionist positon without feeling insulted.Maybe I feel this way because these customers call 'my husband my boss' out of assumption and ignorance, or that they think am twenty-one and can be bullied,or because I loathe male chauvinism that gives no respect to women,because I'm a foreigner who finds it difficult to accept that some people in this part of the globe do not know the meaning of the word"courtesy" (the difference in our culture's so wide&very different,almost incomparable) or because am naturally sensitive( but not phlegmatic) or it's everything rolled into oneTthat seat's not for me neither's that business...It's a no-no!I was a receptionist before back in my home country,much younger though but the sh@@t I had to deal with was on a different ground and from a different angle.There were limits.That was years ago....and I can't just let anyone talk to me anyhow,walk all over me because am a female who looks younger than her age and misconceived to be frail.It's just really annoying and the attitude of people being rude or impolite because they feel they can,sickens me to the marrow.
I think I've had enough vent for this morning.
The car's broken-down and I've got to catch a public taxi to the office.I can't reach the mechanic and have no choice but go to the office.There're lots of work to be done.....I'm just counting down.It's day3,2more days to go and the 'boss himself' can return,God willing to deal with his rude clients!Afterall,they respect him more..or should I say'fear him',..feel intimidated by him???
I can't believe it's a few days to Eid and I can't feel the difference.This is just crazy....!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am pretty much on my own now...hubby's away..& stuck with my double-troubles.That can't be helped,so it's no use whinning.

It's not everyday I get to 'enjoy' making a avoidable one at that.I find it almost impossible to believe that I actually wrote 'September' when the date was'August'.Anyway,Idon't want to regress.I spent the time exploring my school-that's something positive.It wasn't a wasted day.I was at unisa yesterday..thank God I got a 'free ride' from hb) I think that would have been the regret-going by a public transport.So the discussion class I thought I was attending had been held a month ago,exactly yesterday-my mistake!But I explored the magnificent high rise building.A masterpiece design!After taking the lift to the 4th floor,I used the stairs between there and the 9th floor,almost pacing in-between the floors,going back'n'forth.But no regrets as I needed to get out of this house.I sometimes feel like the wall's crawling up on me because it confines me.The rest of the day was spent following hubby everywhere,from NEPAD at Randburg office to DSTV...& a place even he hasn't been before.I should get a battery so I can replace the flat ones in the Camera and take it with me when I go out.The self-discovery of this year includes my love for'photography'...still objects and nature in particular.I didn't know I had that interest.But I've never been an artist nor painter.I cannot draw and I only feel bad about it because I would love to improve on my sewing lessons.I can at least 'write' and 'speak' am compensated and content.

I really felt like a tourist yesterday touring Northcliff,Fairland.The atmosphere was sane,unpolluted,a bit chilly and the air smelled different from the busy Johannesburd CBD or city.The trees were almost part of the buildings,I mean it looked intertwined because it gave these exqusite buildings a shade.The different mansions and flats were built on the hills.Hubby says it's the best place to live because it's for security reasons.And that of course explains why they are incredulously "expensive".Hmmm....I mean,it was purely residential and we drove pass two elderlies,going for a walk.It reminded me of the scenes from the movies.Almost too 'sane' to be true of Johannesburg and South Africa.It was exclusive and we would be unfair not to give that neighbourhood the credit of living 'safely and sanely'.I told hubby's manager it's not just about living the'highlife',but the fact that,it's just not balanced and not healthy to leave for work in places filled with pandemonium and return home to same.When do you get to think,revitalise or even refresh your mind?I've never liked the big cities,not here nor back home or even while in the UK for the same reason.I enjoyed my short stay in England because we were not in London central.I'd rather go visiting.I wasn't missing out on much,at least not something I couldn't live without.So,we got back home late and not in time for Iftar.

My tummy's been feeling funny all day and am awaiting till iftar so I can figure out what could be am some physician!I've had heartburn coupled with that funny unsettling feeling.I didn't realise I ate something to upset my ulcerated stomach.But there's nothing I can do about that for now.I think I should just go and observe Asr and maybe lay down a bit.My tummy doesn't feel right...!!!

Signing out!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Does this day have other significance?

It's been over a week since my last post and it wasn't laziness on my part...I can assure you that!I figured as usual I've got to update now before I resume to bed for the night.My eyes're blinking irregularly,heavy, and that can only mean one thing-sleep!It's about time.My eye test is long overdue and I surely need more than a pair of reading glasses.It's not helping much.

I've been up by 3 a.m. dozing off in-between up until 4a.m.I had to get up.Whether am willing to announce it or not,the migraine I thought I had been relieved off was just momentary.

I didn't realise how much studying had taken a toll on my health until my eyes hurt from strain and my head was continually spinning.I cannot honestly remember being this overwhelmed in the last twelve years.If I ever panicked or fidgetted over my studies,it surely wasn't while I was at College but way back in High school.That must be 'mathematics'.The only subject that made me feel like a student because I had to study extra hard to avoid failling it....I almost did than not........I had a narrow escape!Luckey me!

I think I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I chose to include Economics in my modules.But then again,I have no regrets as I like to challenge myself.All I needed was just a crash course to put me back on track.It's been a long while.My experience in this first level has really been an eye opener.Even though I'd be taking more Communication Science modules as I proceed,the few modules I would be including would be well 'researched' to use that word.
I would God willing ensure I know what am in for and wouldn't just assume it's going to be a piece meal.

I used a public Internet cafe today for the fisrt time since I've been in SA and it made me apprecaite having the opportunity of browsing at my own conveniencey,in the comfort of my home.Well,am blogging from my desktop now and it feels really good to be back.I couldn't get much done at the Cafe because it was so choked,it made ours look like a Castle.It actually wouldn't be an exergeration to call our own cafe a Castle in comparison to that 'studio' .I had to sit almost with both arms close to my body in order not to knock the other user.It was impossible to avoid contacts.If it's not your arms meeting,it's the mouse going further beyond your space.The smallest part of our office's the same size.And then hubby says it's far better than some in that vicinity....Lord have mercy!!!In the end,I was only able to submit one assingment and check my inbox.In all honesty,I haven't been to a cafe that small even back home years ago.I was so uncomfortable I I had to psyche myself up to imagine I was alone.The other user beside me was practically reading from my own deasktop instead of using his own time and minding his own business-nosey poker.I wonder why all the curiosity.I think my indirect complaint about the situation prompted hubby to get us reconnected today.And they say nagging doesn't help!!!

So,I think I have been given a grace of extra few days but I have no clue how am going to get out of this situation before the new due date.God really loves me...."O ye with little faith"!!!

Just this morning I was still telling hubby there was nothing I could do to avert the situation as my time is limited and Friday's the deadline.I had no idea the date's been extended.I would feel really bad if am unable to submit the assignment as it automatically indicates failure.The last thing I need is repeating a module.It would mean extra time,stress,strain,money and a whole lot of other things yet to unfold.By God's grace I should finish one of the remaining essays tomorrow and submit,hopefully.

A lot's happened since my last update besides my boy adding a year to his age.I was able to break the jinx and attended a discussion class at the main Campus on Saturday for the first time since I've registered with unisa.Besides gaining insight into some concepts and being able to use that in finishing my economics assingment,the other thing I got was muscular pains that's yet to fully disappear.I couldn't believe it...that the same road leading to the Campus which we've passed through several times before was that sloppy?And to think that I,the agile and energetic'lady' would feel that walk was really surprising.I woke up the following morning to discover my legs ached.At first I didn't know what to call it.Then I remembered the 'climbing' and the thirty minutes brisk-like walk to the taxi rank.I walked fast and wondered how long it would have taken me if I hadn't.I was fasting quite alright and that was no pleasure walk at the park,I tell yah.I didn't feel the fasting part as there was no way I was going to eat anything,even if I wasn't fasting.But my head still ached the whole day.I managed to stay focused until a few minutes till the end of the class.It was a 5-hour long lecture.Well,almost!And the next one's on Friday...looking forward to it.
I meant to write about the demise of a great scholar a legal figure,an activist and an advocate,back home in motherland.It still kind of feels strange and unreal.That's the way I've been feeling since I've been away from home.Each time am informed someone's passed away,it doesn't really regsiter becasue it feels like I won't see them and am not seeing them because am away from home.It feels like I'd see them when I eventually travel home or feel their presence somehow.Late chief Gani Fawehinmi was a renowned figure in the Nigerian judicial system and his loss is greatly felt by the legal body.May Allah forgive him and grant his family the strength to bear this great loss.I had the fear of him giving in and losing the battle to cancer.I feared he was dead at a time after I learnt he was battling with lung cancer,only to find out he was celebrating his birthday.If am going to live as long as he did,then I should pray for another four decades on earth.We all have got to go sometime.

Ok,so besides the figure'9' recurring thrice in today's date,the tag in the last eight years has been 9-11.Todays' the night day in the ninth month of 2009."They say the recurring one digit won't happen until another century...!!!That sounds like eternity.Am not even going there.But anyway,am just grateful to still be alive and Ramadan's sadly coming to an end.We are nearing the end of the two-third.It seems like yesterday here when I was counting down.God forgive me for sounding ungrateful,but this is about the dullest Ramadan I can recall since childhood..which was even more fun as I could sneak to the kitchen and wipe my mouth clean afterwards....wish I knew better!
This time in the muslim calendar has always been filled with various spiritual and religious activities from the onset till the end.And even though I wasn't attending all the lectures and programmes,I always felt it outside the four walls of my room.I feel so alone and homesick.There's nothing happening besides just staying away from food,drink and with a good intention and good conduct.It's out of my hands.
Oh!I so want to write to the municipality about our filthy and selfish neighbours.But I think I'll sleep over it.Am beginning to dislike this neghbourhood for the simple fact that peiple can't keep their dogs locked in their compounds.I've beeen harrased twice this week by hungry dogs and I had to shield my kids from attack as well.It's just so unfari that people'd leave for work and leave their dogs to roam the streets.And those who are home with these supposed pet/guard dogs just couldn't give a hoot.It's really annoying.Ok,I think I had better save my energy for something worthwhile and save this vent for later.
gatta go now..........

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I became a 'mom'...

I had to do this now else,the day'd go by and it'd be a forgotten issue.I don' t think I'd be able to forgive myself if I let that happen.

My son turned six today....Hurray!!!....The experince of becoming a mother six years back isn't something I am going to forget anytime soon (if I ever forget at all,that is).While bathing him this morning I remember how tiny and fragile he was when we left the hospital for home three days after he was born.He weighed less than 3kg.He's still a 'small man' as we fondly call him but do not be deceived.Without any exergeration,I can boldly say he is one of the strongest kids I've ever come across,my entire existence.His energy is unprecedented and he's very well known for this.To say that he's a born-gymnast is no over statement.I,like many who know him marvel at his sheer display of flexibility and lack of fear to jump around,climb like a monkey,hence his nickname"Spiderman".And he would explore every object he can cling onto around him.He is simply incredible!By the time he was four months old,he had attempted to roll down from the couch onto the floor..more like falling actually.But we couldn't call it'falling' since it was a deliberate effort and he succeeded without any moan of pain.By the time he was six months old,he had mastered it and was a 'pro'.He was quite small after birth and everyone would have been misguided about his physical strength.Even I didn't know he could eb that strong.Although,I recall vividly how I complained severy of his"hard kicks" which usually send me groaning.Once a family friend who happened to be a doctor said he was a footballer in the making.No way he's going to make my tummy his football pitch,he had better come out for that.The day after he was born,the doctors had their'ward rounds' and one of them held his fingers.He held back with a very firm grip and the doctor was impressed at such firmness for a day old baby.I think I should have mentioned to her at that point that his name meant"Firmness or strong''!

He was our son,our first child,the first grandson for his paternal grandparents.Enough "first" for him!!

I remember the labour story like it was yesterday.Something tells me I'll still recall the story for years to come,same way am recalling it now.We were six women in labour,same day,just a few hours apart.Three of us had baby boys and the other three had girls.But four of us were first-time moms.So,every year,I recall the whole excitement and pride that overwhelmed our husbands.Two of us had our husbands at the labour ward entrance,spending the night.Too ecstatic and anxious to go home.My husband admitted to wanting to leave earlier,then chnaged his mind and stayed.It was a good thing he did.Not that I needed his moral support because no one was allowed into the labour rooms.But it was good for him to know it took more than a couple of pushes to bring the baby out....I think my popularity was in handling the situation better than the other two women in labour rooms with me at the same time.I tried to "endure".The doctors had their hands full.Unfortunately,one of us lost her son due to negligence on her part,but God knows best.Besides the fact that I was a first time mom,am one of those people who never take things for granted on the claim of knowing so much.This woman had had three female children and was so looking forward to having a baby boy.But she insisted she'd rather stay home till her contractions were strong,than subject herself to the minute-by minute examination by the nurses.She claimed she couldn't bear that.If you asked me,I'd tell you that was nothing compared to the labour pains.S,oapparently the baby was weak and didn't survive.I empathised with her knowing what that lost meant to her.We lived in a society where for ages,there has always been priority of male child over that of a female.It's a battle that's been on for as long as we've existed even across the globe.The elites of course are trying to turn things around but it's not just happening yet.Families with strings of businesses wish to have a male figure to take over someday.It is believed the woman belongs to another family,since she automaticcally takes the husband's name after marriage.The woman who suffered this loss was right across my bed before she was discharged and I couldn't bear to imagine what she must be going through looking at the other five mothers with their babies.I wish I could tell her that she should be hopefull and that she would have one again someday.But I did try to console her in the little way I could.I think I was about the only one who did that as I had known her from the ante-natal clinics.I remember telling her to be at the hospital on time and not delay,but she insisted she wouldn't.She had her way!!!I couldn't even think of saying the words"I told you so".All i could think of was the pain she must be in and perhaps,a guilt she wouldn't admit.I remember her telling me she was going to hold the hospital management responsible for her loss.I wonder how it was resolved eventually.

Looking back now,I remember the other kids and how much they must have grown.One of the mothers happened to be a Senior of mine in both primary and High School.She was one of my favorite seniors,very beautiful and simple.She had a boy too.So every year,I remember all of us together and how each one of us would remember the day six babies had to be delivered,almost at the same time!!!I wish I knew someone who was born same day as me....!!!

I think I expect so much from my son because he's always been not just a tough but also a very smart kid.So looking at him now and seeing him as a 'slow' to learn is almost in contrast to the toddler that he was.he could pronounce his 11-lettered name before he was one and even better than most adults.But I've come to realise he learns at his own pace an does'nt like to be rushed.However,he has a very canny ability to remember names,faces and images that almost freaks one out.You can't help but be amazed.Even when he can't read(he spells),he has recognition for logos and would recognice people's faces after so long.These are things I didn't teach him,he chooses to know them by himself.I have also been afraid of him having symptoms of ADHD because of his low concentration/attention span.But when he chooses to learn something,he does it and it sticks like a glue onto his mind.I can't possbly conclude this 'down memory lane' story now'cos I've got work to do.Maybe I'll come back to it later.Maybe not.But I've justified the essence of son's 6th year anniversary and six years after I became a 'mom'...!!!Alliamdulillah for His mercies over the years.