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Does this day have other significance?

It's been over a week since my last post and it wasn't laziness on my part...I can assure you that!I figured as usual I've got to update now before I resume to bed for the night.My eyes're blinking irregularly,heavy, and that can only mean one thing-sleep!It's about time.My eye test is long overdue and I surely need more than a pair of reading glasses.It's not helping much.

I've been up by 3 a.m. dozing off in-between up until 4a.m.I had to get up.Whether am willing to announce it or not,the migraine I thought I had been relieved off was just momentary.

I didn't realise how much studying had taken a toll on my health until my eyes hurt from strain and my head was continually spinning.I cannot honestly remember being this overwhelmed in the last twelve years.If I ever panicked or fidgetted over my studies,it surely wasn't while I was at College but way back in High school.That must be 'mathematics'.The only subject that made me feel like a student because I had to study extra hard to avoid failling it....I almost did than not........I had a narrow escape!Luckey me!

I think I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I chose to include Economics in my modules.But then again,I have no regrets as I like to challenge myself.All I needed was just a crash course to put me back on track.It's been a long while.My experience in this first level has really been an eye opener.Even though I'd be taking more Communication Science modules as I proceed,the few modules I would be including would be well 'researched' to use that word.
I would God willing ensure I know what am in for and wouldn't just assume it's going to be a piece meal.

I used a public Internet cafe today for the fisrt time since I've been in SA and it made me apprecaite having the opportunity of browsing at my own conveniencey,in the comfort of my home.Well,am blogging from my desktop now and it feels really good to be back.I couldn't get much done at the Cafe because it was so choked,it made ours look like a Castle.It actually wouldn't be an exergeration to call our own cafe a Castle in comparison to that 'studio' .I had to sit almost with both arms close to my body in order not to knock the other user.It was impossible to avoid contacts.If it's not your arms meeting,it's the mouse going further beyond your space.The smallest part of our office's the same size.And then hubby says it's far better than some in that vicinity....Lord have mercy!!!In the end,I was only able to submit one assingment and check my inbox.In all honesty,I haven't been to a cafe that small even back home years ago.I was so uncomfortable I I had to psyche myself up to imagine I was alone.The other user beside me was practically reading from my own deasktop instead of using his own time and minding his own business-nosey poker.I wonder why all the curiosity.I think my indirect complaint about the situation prompted hubby to get us reconnected today.And they say nagging doesn't help!!!

So,I think I have been given a grace of extra few days but I have no clue how am going to get out of this situation before the new due date.God really loves me...."O ye with little faith"!!!

Just this morning I was still telling hubby there was nothing I could do to avert the situation as my time is limited and Friday's the deadline.I had no idea the date's been extended.I would feel really bad if am unable to submit the assignment as it automatically indicates failure.The last thing I need is repeating a module.It would mean extra time,stress,strain,money and a whole lot of other things yet to unfold.By God's grace I should finish one of the remaining essays tomorrow and submit,hopefully.

A lot's happened since my last update besides my boy adding a year to his age.I was able to break the jinx and attended a discussion class at the main Campus on Saturday for the first time since I've registered with unisa.Besides gaining insight into some concepts and being able to use that in finishing my economics assingment,the other thing I got was muscular pains that's yet to fully disappear.I couldn't believe it...that the same road leading to the Campus which we've passed through several times before was that sloppy?And to think that I,the agile and energetic'lady' would feel that walk was really surprising.I woke up the following morning to discover my legs ached.At first I didn't know what to call it.Then I remembered the 'climbing' and the thirty minutes brisk-like walk to the taxi rank.I walked fast and wondered how long it would have taken me if I hadn't.I was fasting quite alright and that was no pleasure walk at the park,I tell yah.I didn't feel the fasting part as there was no way I was going to eat anything,even if I wasn't fasting.But my head still ached the whole day.I managed to stay focused until a few minutes till the end of the class.It was a 5-hour long lecture.Well,almost!And the next one's on Friday...looking forward to it.
I meant to write about the demise of a great scholar a legal figure,an activist and an advocate,back home in motherland.It still kind of feels strange and unreal.That's the way I've been feeling since I've been away from home.Each time am informed someone's passed away,it doesn't really regsiter becasue it feels like I won't see them and am not seeing them because am away from home.It feels like I'd see them when I eventually travel home or feel their presence somehow.Late chief Gani Fawehinmi was a renowned figure in the Nigerian judicial system and his loss is greatly felt by the legal body.May Allah forgive him and grant his family the strength to bear this great loss.I had the fear of him giving in and losing the battle to cancer.I feared he was dead at a time after I learnt he was battling with lung cancer,only to find out he was celebrating his birthday.If am going to live as long as he did,then I should pray for another four decades on earth.We all have got to go sometime.

Ok,so besides the figure'9' recurring thrice in today's date,the tag in the last eight years has been 9-11.Todays' the night day in the ninth month of 2009."They say the recurring one digit won't happen until another century...!!!That sounds like eternity.Am not even going there.But anyway,am just grateful to still be alive and Ramadan's sadly coming to an end.We are nearing the end of the two-third.It seems like yesterday here when I was counting down.God forgive me for sounding ungrateful,but this is about the dullest Ramadan I can recall since childhood..which was even more fun as I could sneak to the kitchen and wipe my mouth clean afterwards....wish I knew better!
This time in the muslim calendar has always been filled with various spiritual and religious activities from the onset till the end.And even though I wasn't attending all the lectures and programmes,I always felt it outside the four walls of my room.I feel so alone and homesick.There's nothing happening besides just staying away from food,drink and with a good intention and good conduct.It's out of my hands.
Oh!I so want to write to the municipality about our filthy and selfish neighbours.But I think I'll sleep over it.Am beginning to dislike this neghbourhood for the simple fact that peiple can't keep their dogs locked in their compounds.I've beeen harrased twice this week by hungry dogs and I had to shield my kids from attack as well.It's just so unfari that people'd leave for work and leave their dogs to roam the streets.And those who are home with these supposed pet/guard dogs just couldn't give a hoot.It's really annoying.Ok,I think I had better save my energy for something worthwhile and save this vent for later.
gatta go now..........


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