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It's update time...

A forthnight back,I was held back by an unavoidable appearance at the office.Last week,we were taking care of things,dinning with the top notch in the Nigeria civil service commission-they were delegates for the conference..sorry can't go into details now!This week commenced and I wasn't able to get much done until today.I've balanced my study fees and I should grasp my textbooks next to commence revision.It was like a nightmare that would never end.I lacked the verb and adjectives to express what I felt until today.I felt a relief,a huge one.I felt like my overburdened mind, head,shoulders were freed (for now at least).I think it's about time I accepted that things are going to be this way for a very long time to come,more like "eternity" actually.I will just have to buckle up and adjust to the system.
Ours is not a 'regular' family [whatever that means].And fighting it is a complete waste of energy and time.Things will not run "smoothly" around here,that is no pessimism but a fact.Even the big boss himself is now crying for a break.I feel sorry for him!He just keeps pushing and I pray he doesn't have a nervous breakdown.Which brings me to the my theory about 'loving what you do' and being passionate about it.I told his new assistant (thank Heavens he got one for this conference,else I'd have pressured him into hiring one temporarily) that,I think what he does is what keeps him going.I however fear for what would happen if he isn't 'overworked',go up and about.That would be an unusual case for him and I have no idea what could happen.Everyone has a motivating factor.We all have something that makes us tick.As far as my hubby is concerned,doing what he does best is what makes him want to get up every morning.But it doesn't mean I shouldn't be there to caution him when he's overdoing it (which he does more often than not).I need to be a reminder to him that when we're gone to the great beyond,none of these hussles,strives and pursuit of success will be a bonus for the Hereafter.

My assignments overwhelmed me beyond words that I began'drugging' myself literally.I was taking tea to keep me awake.Tea without milk (I don't take sucrose/sugar) is not a good combination for a natural insomniac like me.When I take two tea bags,it reduces my sleeping hours.And I was just overdosing on that to keep me awake.It didn't really work cos I was adding too much milk deliberately.I hated the idea of depriving myself of sleep when I really needed it.But all that's over now.I have finally submitted my assignments today and am awaiting the results for the previous ones.I should go back to the textbooks soon though,there's so much work to be done.Exam's less than a month away now,God willing.

We will always be in the middle of something,either at the office or with the guest house.I cancelled my "free eye screening" last wednesday because of the mini-conference.Yes,'mini-conference' because the big one is scheduled for November,God willing. So I intend to go tomorrow hoping there wouldn't be any interruption.
I think I should take a break for now,my eyes need it,so do my brain!


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