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Not-so-good days....

Am not rushing down to the office,no way!I fee like am being punished,God help me!If I had forgotten why I never really like the idea of being a"business tycoon,mogul,whiz"..and the rest of the phrase used in classifying them folks..then the past two days was a good flashback and a very useful reminder.This isn't the first time I've had to fill in for hubby when he travels,but it's been very,very crazy from day1.I was at the office yesterday and was terrified of picking the phone after a while.Why would that be?
I know the phrase "never say never",but I never want to find myself in that difficult and repressive situation.I hate situations I can't change or have no control over.I so hate the idea of"customer's always right,bullshit!@@@@!!!!Arrrrrgggggggghhh!!!I am so furious!!!I can easily back out and tell them to shove their rude and nasty attitude in their faces,but I won't do too mature for that.I however set one of them straight,you can't be yelling at me from across the phone when you have no idea who I am.And the most annoying thing is knowing that,hubby's apperance and figure changes their countenance.They don't budge when they see him.So,what do they do?They bully some tiny-voiced girl over the phone and swallow their shame when they see the'boss' himself.What nonsense!.And for those who come in person,they just think they're talking to some teenager out of high school-what has 'weight' got to do with it???This' one of the few times I wish I was bigger than I am and maybe even look my age.Am no petit as such,neither am I on the big side.I wish I could appreciate my figure the way those who know my status do-a mother of two in her early thirties,but who doesn't look it!Is it a crime to be this way?Well,the bottomline's that,no matter what the job or the position,I won't bring myself down for people who have no respect for others and do not know where to draw the line.This isn't the first time and it just isn't worth the insults.They all do it,white,black,coloured,Indian...They all do it so am not going to single anyone out now.I don't treat people that way.Am naturally polite and do not like to make people feel belittled.I'm being crucified for being too understanding and considerate by some of my friends,yet it doesn't stop me from being who I am.I know some people take this for granted though.I can't do it,I just can't.I just hate the idea that people "think&believe" everyone lies.There're people who don't.I remember it was one of the reasons I changed my mind about being a Lawyer.The thought of having to lie just irritated me and the worst of it is the mindset held about people in the legal profession.There are jobs for people who's trademark is honesty and whose dignity lies in being trustworthy.I think it was why I enjoyed teaching and would deal with real life issues in journalism or broadcasting.I can't be compelled to tell a lie.And it's just pointing me towards the direction of what am passioante about,the more.Service and delivery are related and if not well handled can damage one's image.If it's a direct service like selling goods or lecturing for instance,I can handle that,and any other thing that falls within this category.But the ones that involves third parties and an intermediary can be pretty herculian.You could lose your integrity,get your reputation damaged if the middleman isn't delivering.And that's the problem we're currently faced with.

The truth is,as much as I would like to continue being a supportive wife,I do not think I can handle this secretarial/receptionist positon without feeling insulted.Maybe I feel this way because these customers call 'my husband my boss' out of assumption and ignorance, or that they think am twenty-one and can be bullied,or because I loathe male chauvinism that gives no respect to women,because I'm a foreigner who finds it difficult to accept that some people in this part of the globe do not know the meaning of the word"courtesy" (the difference in our culture's so wide&very different,almost incomparable) or because am naturally sensitive( but not phlegmatic) or it's everything rolled into oneTthat seat's not for me neither's that business...It's a no-no!I was a receptionist before back in my home country,much younger though but the sh@@t I had to deal with was on a different ground and from a different angle.There were limits.That was years ago....and I can't just let anyone talk to me anyhow,walk all over me because am a female who looks younger than her age and misconceived to be frail.It's just really annoying and the attitude of people being rude or impolite because they feel they can,sickens me to the marrow.
I think I've had enough vent for this morning.
The car's broken-down and I've got to catch a public taxi to the office.I can't reach the mechanic and have no choice but go to the office.There're lots of work to be done.....I'm just counting down.It's day3,2more days to go and the 'boss himself' can return,God willing to deal with his rude clients!Afterall,they respect him more..or should I say'fear him',..feel intimidated by him???
I can't believe it's a few days to Eid and I can't feel the difference.This is just crazy....!!!


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