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I am pretty much on my own now...hubby's away..& stuck with my double-troubles.That can't be helped,so it's no use whinning.

It's not everyday I get to 'enjoy' making a avoidable one at that.I find it almost impossible to believe that I actually wrote 'September' when the date was'August'.Anyway,Idon't want to regress.I spent the time exploring my school-that's something positive.It wasn't a wasted day.I was at unisa yesterday..thank God I got a 'free ride' from hb) I think that would have been the regret-going by a public transport.So the discussion class I thought I was attending had been held a month ago,exactly yesterday-my mistake!But I explored the magnificent high rise building.A masterpiece design!After taking the lift to the 4th floor,I used the stairs between there and the 9th floor,almost pacing in-between the floors,going back'n'forth.But no regrets as I needed to get out of this house.I sometimes feel like the wall's crawling up on me because it confines me.The rest of the day was spent following hubby everywhere,from NEPAD at Randburg office to DSTV...& a place even he hasn't been before.I should get a battery so I can replace the flat ones in the Camera and take it with me when I go out.The self-discovery of this year includes my love for'photography'...still objects and nature in particular.I didn't know I had that interest.But I've never been an artist nor painter.I cannot draw and I only feel bad about it because I would love to improve on my sewing lessons.I can at least 'write' and 'speak' am compensated and content.

I really felt like a tourist yesterday touring Northcliff,Fairland.The atmosphere was sane,unpolluted,a bit chilly and the air smelled different from the busy Johannesburd CBD or city.The trees were almost part of the buildings,I mean it looked intertwined because it gave these exqusite buildings a shade.The different mansions and flats were built on the hills.Hubby says it's the best place to live because it's for security reasons.And that of course explains why they are incredulously "expensive".Hmmm....I mean,it was purely residential and we drove pass two elderlies,going for a walk.It reminded me of the scenes from the movies.Almost too 'sane' to be true of Johannesburg and South Africa.It was exclusive and we would be unfair not to give that neighbourhood the credit of living 'safely and sanely'.I told hubby's manager it's not just about living the'highlife',but the fact that,it's just not balanced and not healthy to leave for work in places filled with pandemonium and return home to same.When do you get to think,revitalise or even refresh your mind?I've never liked the big cities,not here nor back home or even while in the UK for the same reason.I enjoyed my short stay in England because we were not in London central.I'd rather go visiting.I wasn't missing out on much,at least not something I couldn't live without.So,we got back home late and not in time for Iftar.

My tummy's been feeling funny all day and am awaiting till iftar so I can figure out what could be am some physician!I've had heartburn coupled with that funny unsettling feeling.I didn't realise I ate something to upset my ulcerated stomach.But there's nothing I can do about that for now.I think I should just go and observe Asr and maybe lay down a bit.My tummy doesn't feel right...!!!

Signing out!


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