Saturday, October 31, 2009

Need to break the jinx...

I have to make this quick post now as am not sure I'd have the energy to do so later in the day.Besides not having the strength,I may just be too lazy.
I forgot to mention in my last post that hubby caught up with the'run-away' guest,who stole our electric kettle and Microwave oven.Yes,it was a race he won.Apparently,he spotted the middle-aged woman,(who has put to bed as expected) on his way out last two Mondays.She drove past him when he tried to corner her and was going to speed off.I didn't know my husband still remembers the moves from James Bond movies.He was quite tactical and was able to block her way.Thank God for the traffic light,everyone was held to a halt.The drama was that hubby not only crossed this woman's way,he also blocked and hindered other road users from moving forward when the traffic light hit green.But it was worth the whole car chase drama because,right there and then,he was reimbursed.She had to make a call through to her estranged father,who was more hesitant than willing to part away with any other freebies.She couldn't even make the call,hubby had to give her his cell phone.He calculated the cost of the two items and aded it to the two-day stay she owed.Case closed!I wasn't surprised she was caught,I was only surprised it was my hubby himself who saw her.I already told our long-staying guest that she can't run far.Where would she go?She can only go as far as her fuel will take her.We're talking of a woman who couldn't afford to buy a single piece of  socks for her unborn child.She had no home,had two or three pieces of clothes and practically lived in her car.Whatever her situation is,I have empathised with that unborn child before he was born..(am not sure'bout the gender).If eventually she's unable to get some cents to buy cigarettes or drink and do all other stuffs am not interested in,I hope she'd not exchange her baby for the goods.It's happened before with a junkie...
Now to what interested me yesterday.This is South Africa and things couldn't be any weirder,at least for me.I feel like I've seen it all,from horrific scenes of abuse replica of the movies to unstable and unpredictable weather.Where do I begin from?Today's the last day in October,we're by all metereological facts and weather forecasting updates,expected to be in "summer"...That's yet to happen.And so it was yesterday that it got cloudy and I knew I didn't have any more time to waste to go get the kids from school.I would have gone earlier but I needed more time to myself .And besides,they missing school for two days made me feel like they had to remain there the entire day to make up for it....That's not feasible of course and I knew it.We got a ride from our neighbour and the kids were spared the ten minutes walk back home.Anyway, they missed school becasue we were at the Nigeria Consulate on Wednesday and Thursday.I was hesitant'bout them going to school yesterday but their dad  insisted they went.Good thing they did as they were doing the vacination rounds and they'd have missed out.
So now,whether I like it,ready or not,I have to start my driving lessons.oh!there's so much to put down now but I've got no time.Hubby just told me last night that his friend invited us to his wife's baby shower.I've never been to any since it's not in our culture.Of course I do know what baby shower's all about unlike hubby who taught it was just eating and saying thank you goodbye.Well,I quickly told him it means"buying gift".He understood and now we've agreed to have a stop at the mall before heading to the venue.I do complain of not having the opportunity of socialising and this is one of such opportunities.The reason am not against going or feeling uncomfortable's because it's a ladies' gathering.The obstacle of socialising for me is the calibre of people I'd be relating with.But I do not want to anticipate a smoking lady or the lady friend of  booze before I even get to meet the other invited guests.I've never been to their house before but they've been here on many occasions.Maybe we'll be there again when she's had the baby.Otherwise there's no guarantee that I'll be paying them a regular visit once we go now.We'll cross that bridge when we get there.For now,I've got to go get the kids ready and find somehting casual to wear myself.

I hope to come back here before the end of today..At least,I've broken the jinx and have exceeded my previous posts by one..hurray!!!

Oh! by the way,above is the picture of the snow flakes we had yesterday,I couldn't get a clear shot as I couldn't leave the house and this was taken with my phone.There was no way I was going to let the evening pass without making a history of it.I took a few shots with our camera but am not sure I'll be able to upload it yet.I'll try.I should be able to get a better view...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One of those moments...

Wether you grow up with your folks or not,certain lessons cannot be taught but "experienced".I honestly do not think I need three decades to figure that out.Anyway,no matter how much book you read,how much experinces people share with you or how extensive you think your knowledge is,life always spring a surprise or two at you.The way you deal with the situation is entirely a different ball game,not "up to you".I often hear that phrase and I just can't help but be puzzled cause I don't think everything's "up to us".We can choose to ignore and not give a hoot about what people say or think,it doesn't neccessarily translate to it being"up to us".At least that's what I've learnt.Laws are there for a reason because,if it was up to us,the world would not be where it is today.There's always a form of check and balances.When we refuse to answer to the Maker,we answer to His creature.In the end,we're answering to some form of authority,physical or spiritual.

I have tried ceaselessly to imagine me not working and being a full time mom and wife,but it's simply beyond me.That isn't my life in pictures,it's someone else's.I have realised how miserable,disgruntled,depressed and aggressive I could get if am subjected to that.That isn't just my life.I have had to struggle with my studying arrangement.It hasn't been because am incapable,but because I prefer working with others usually and not alone.But since am also no longer a teenager and know what's important to me,I am able to study on my own,classmates or no classmates, discussion group or not.The truth is,I have also been questioning myself lately.I have been so overwhelmed with fear of failure that I seem to be placing my studies above other important things.But in all honesty,I think I have paid my dues.I have sacrificed a lot for this family and it is only fair that I get a share of the sacrifice as well.Whoever says a homemaker or housewife doesn't get much to do have no clue what they're talking about.I have come to realise that,the expectations are so high,the society is so demanding and at the end of the day the woman is more the victim.I have also discovered on my own why women die before men (in case of couples too),why the life span of women is shorter,why  more women die from heart problems in comparison to men,why more books are written on relationships and recommended for women,why the one who gets to bear the brunt of divorce is usually the woman,why women suffer more from Bi-polar,depression and other mood disorders than men,why obesity affects women more than the ratio of men,why women are mostly insecured in relationsips than men,why women suffer from low self esteem compared to their male counterparts and why the women always have to be softer and more lenient or become vengeful and labelled with different ugly adjectives when they fight back.
I know my opinion may not be shared by many,but am also very certain that the facts are there for anyone who cares to find out.Last night hubby and I had a face-off about'food'.And for some reason I didn't even get to say exactly how I felt,it still upsets me that men can be completely clueless at times,yet they want their egos to be stroked....say they know when you know they know not!I do not think any man wants to appear ignorant,but I guess it's alright for a woman to play dumb!!!I don't think that's an esteem booster either.Who wants to be referred to as the 'dumb wife' or 'stupid woman','foolish mother','dull student','useless daughter','igonorant sister',dormant colleague'.....should I go on?Everyone wants to be appreciated for something however humble you are.
I just stop to ask myself these days,what it would feel like not to have to bother about studies anymore.What I would feel if I had to stop worrying about exams and assignments or what am missing not being able to go to the school headquarters to use the library even if it's for once,if am really doing my best,if I would do better were things different and the so many other flimsy things I worry my head about.I even wonder if someone or some people are waiting for me to quit and say"I knew it,there was no way she was going to have a solid education after having two children'.I wonder if,my father would see any difference in my life,may be even say "am proud of your accomplishments,irrespective of the obstacles",maybe my mother would then realise what she missed and wish she was there all my life,maybe I will earn the respect of people w ho look down on me and dismiss me without knowing me or what I can offer,maybe I can finally prove some people wrong that not having a proper upbringing or growing up under the love and care of both parents can slow you down but does not necessarily have to stop you from achieving your dreams,maybe I can finally heave a sigh of relief and enjoy my accomplishments and accept that I am who I am.That I have always had it in me and only needed to let it out.And that no matter what anyone says or thinks,I have what it takes.Maybe,just maybe.I hate to think that am still schooling because I want to prove a point.I just hate to think that am doing this for some other purpose besides fulfilling my "need for self-fulfilment".I do not come across as someone who lacks confidence.But I think I need to appreciate myself better and realise my worth and abilities.I have constantly doubted myself and question if I will see this degree through because of the unending distractions.But the fact is that my life has never been without a drama,however shortlived.So why would I want everything to be perfect or "normal" now?Why should this time be different?I'm not sureI know what normal means anymore.It's not like I actually considered quitting,I just ask myself"what if"?I do have some moments when I think I can't take it anymore and ask if it would be all worth it in the end.That shouldn't cross my mind at all ,since I know better than anyone what furthering my studies means to me.It just feels like my life's revolved around school now that I seem to be losing focus of other aspects like taking care of myself and maybe even lighten up a little.Not going out much doesn't make that any easier.
Last weekend's get-away was unplanned,unscheduled,unexpected but welcomed.I do not even want to imagine what would have happened if I had complained about how I was caught off guard.So,off we went to Lakeside hotel and returned on Monday morning to our business as usual.I went with my books quite alright,but didn't get around to doing any revision.I have been studying extensively non-stop,hours in a roll that I feel like I'm in high school again.It feels like when I was preparing to write my finals exams in secondary school-mathematics got me doing that.And it's lack of the same mathematical skills that has returned me to that situation.I feel like I've not read enough,like I'm leaving something out.I feel like I'll blame myself for not preparing hard enough for the exams.And I just don't like the fact that I feel like am in secondary school again.But I must admit that I feel a lot relieved than I was a week ago when almost nothing made sense to me,from demand to Supply and from Utility to Elasticity.My eyes are beginning to hurt from long hours of reading,inadequate sleep and I just decided to break it off and pour it out here.Am I relieved?I don't think so.It's not over until it's over.Monday's the D-day!God help me!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The fire that refuses to be extinguished!

I'll have to go get the kids from school in a few minutes and that means"no more me-time"! Sometimes I question myself if it's okay not to miss them while they're away the whole day.In all honesty,it feels just right since am stuck with them afterwards. I won't get any serious work done with them around which was why I made the arrangement for my revision class for tomorrow, God willing.I'll be getting some helping hand with hubby's former receptionist and my young friend. I miss the stimulating conversations we used to have because she made me 'practice' my'oral English. I enjoyed discussing with her while she worked at the office because she was up for it.Besides that,mentoring her reminds me of how it used to be and gives me the privilege of enjoying one of my hobbies.
 I'm trying to get used to wearing my specs, am not putting it on now.I tend to forget that I got it for this purpose.Wearing it outdoors hasn't been as strange as I had anticipated because I've always been shy to wear specs outside the home.But thankfully,since wearing sun glasses was a no-no for me,this specs'serving a dual purpose-it's tinted against sunlight!

Something in me came alive when I attended the pre-conference with the Nigerian delegates.I was the youngest in their midst and of course it made a huge difference for me.It was the first time ever I'd have contact with people of such calibre.I mean top officials.The permanent secretary of the Nigeria civil service commission,the commissioner and some directors.They were the delegates and came in two batches.I recall how enthusiastic I was not because of their presence,but because the theme of the conference appealed to me and I felt so passionate to do something for my homecountry.....I actually don't know if am allowed to use"motherland" because in my subconscious,I keep reminding myself my mother's originally from another part of Africa.So rather than leaning towards any gender (like "fatherland");I usually play neutral. My passion was rekindled and the hope re-lived.The feeling of doing something for a change,for my "voice" to be heard and my impact felt came alive on that day.And once again,I reminded myself why I have always nurtured the idea of being in the media.I am not giving up the will to do something at the grassroot.Each time all these thoughts cross my mind,it goes back home and not abroad.....I don't know if that's patriotism!
I'll get back to this topic later..time's up for the kids to get home!

Lessons of life....

I’ve always said that there’s a life behind this machine and I think am going to make that one of my favourite quotes, since I use the computer regularly. While I was informed of someone losing two loved ones at a time, I got a call from my friend back home yesterday afternoon about s good news. Her older sister who got married in January this year had just had a baby boy. I was really happy to hear some good news for a change and I likened this to the paradox of life. While the old school mate’s wife was being buried yesterday according to a reliable source, here was someone bringing another human to life. This circumstance surrounding this new mother isn’t your regular story. My friend’s older sister married late (she’s in her late thirties) and the wedding as much as this delivery is long overdue. It is a joyous occasion for the families and I just couldn’t be happier for her (am a close friend of the family) and we go way back. These things are happening everyday. And I am just not one of those who go through life daily without reflecting on things going on around the world. Sometimes the knowledge of the incidents is just the reminder I need to be grateful for the little things I ignore and refuse to be grateful for. It also helps me when am giving admonitions to people as I use it as a point of reference. Every single day, someone somewhere is facing some form of crises or the other. People die, babies are born and while some have just found their dream jobs, others are sobbing for being fired and their livelihoods taken away from them. The list is countless. With all these thoughts in mind or within my knowledge, I can’t just breeze through life like everything’s well and good or be unconcerned.

My exam is around the corner and I was buried in not just any book, but my economics revision yesterday. I was still able to concentrate despite the stunt the ungrateful guest pulled on me. Usually, I would be too upset or angry to focus or absorb anything. Well, I know what’s at stake and the last thing I need (besides the distractions of the previous two days) is being perturbed over a situation I cannot reverse. Whether this sounds crazy or stupid, I was actually looking forward to helping this woman out when the baby finally arrives. She’d be going in tomorrow for a Caesar and I figured she was lying about getting help. So I had prepared my mind to play the “granny” and help bathe and take care of the baby when she returns from the hospital. I love babies and am very passionate about caring for them. Their innocence overwhelms me and I just love playing a nurse when it comes to babies. It’s a job am not professionally qualified for, but which I do very well and get commended for it also. There goes my fantasy!

Hubby has plan for us to travel home before the year ends and in my usual way, am trying to keep my fingers crossed. I don’t want to hold my breath as I don’t want to choke on it. There was a time I was very desperate and willing to get out of here if I could, but am not as keen as I was then at the moment. I miss home, that’s an unchanging fact. That feeling of being homesick has become part of me. I’ve never felt at home here and it’s been an unchanging feeling. I just can’t help it and do not wish I could. There more things I dislike about living here than I like and it’s not my making. The truth is, am not the only one that feels this way. For people who haven’t’ been here, they’re desperados and ignorant of the facts of living in SA. It’s not just about the over-popularised crime rate and exaggerated hospitality. There’s more to it and living here is the only thing that can give you that feeling. I can’t shake off the thought of not wanting to be resident here for long, but am going to distract and compensate myself with my ongoing degree. The helpless situation I have found myself with my Economics module wouldn’t be this bad, distant learning or not were I in my home country. I would get the assistance I need from someone definitely. But am glad at least most of my assignment results came back better than I thought and it’s almost unbelievable. I never thought I could score that high. Of course I had put in my very best and knew I would pass. Passing was no question, but to score between 70% and getting 96% in an assignment I submitted a day before deadline was highly unexpected but well deserving if you asked me. In a way, the internet’s unsuspecting disconnection is a blessing in disguise. I’ve got a letter to reply to and I’ve got some serious studying to do. But I must be honest with myself and admit that am really hoping for some miracles with this bone of contention. I cannot afford to repeat this economics module God forbid. But if I do not get 50% in the exams, that’s what would happen. The solution would be registering for something less demanding (of my absent mathematical skills) and less strenuous. I’ve got that choice and won’t make the same mistake twice. One of the lessons I’ve also learnt in my first year so far is to scrutinize the modules by getting some background info on what to expect before dabbling into it. I will put that into practice before I register for my second level optional modules. I just hope that I would get the guidance I need from fellow student using the internet forum.

Off I go now to the kitchen and then back to books. Everything needs to be balanced!

One lesson too many...

The past one week’s been eventful in a way. Of course we do have an occasional chain of dramas, it just may not revolve around “moi”. A few days ago I read about a post from a junior way back in high school on Facebook.It was something about losing as family member. I responded and sent my empathies. It was a very short rendition What I didn’t know however was how close this relation was and the circumstances that surrounded the death. What I read implied a singular loss, when actually, there were two. The reason the other lost life wasn’t mentioned was because he/she wasn’t born yet. A former school mate was just bereaved, losing his new and young wife with a nine-month old pregnancy. Now that isn’t the kind of news you wan to hear everyday, not even ever. I was let in on it by another old friend. The medium of our conversation was the net and not a verbal one. This was why I couldn’t really display my shock and sympathy. On hearing this, I decided to see if par chance, I could get the phone number on FB and send a proper condolence. I didn’t find it.

A couple of days ago,hubby forwarded a message to my phone about someone being involved in a motor accident and breaking the left arm and leg. I called back immediately I read the message and asked who it was. He told me it was someone we know and would consider a friend being fellow Nigerians but resident in another province. I don’t know why it didn’t really hit me, but I realised it was probably because I hadn’t got the details. I wasn’t able to talk to the victim immediately as her number didn’t go through. So I did yesterday morning and got a shocker. The narration of how the accident happened was like watching a movie. It sounded exactly like what I see in the movies. I heard this from the horse’s mouth so it was neither fabrication nor exaggeration. Her fiancé was the hero who saved the day. Apparently they had been hit by a Car that just swerved off the road and their own Commercial taxi had stumbled like a stunt performance. Having foreseen the situation before the other passengers in the bus could, her fiancé held on to something while the bus stumbled to a stop and he pulled out everyone from the bus. He was alert and conscious. He was fortunate to leave that experience unscathed, while his fiancée left with a broken arm and leg. His 7-foot height had come in handy besides being a basketball player. When she told me she had surgery on Sunday, I couldn’t help but tell her I wasn’t thinking it was that bad. Sometimes, people use the wrong adjectives for qualifying things or events. For instance, a dislocation or a sprained ankle could be said to be broken. But I was glad she was able to talk properly, not displaying any form of discomfort or being in denial. I never doubted the strength of this young lady. She’s someone I admire for her relentless and hard work. She’s an independent and responsible young woman who knows what she wants and goes for it unlike what most women do here, being miles away from home; and from the scrutiny of families. Her sustenance had been put on hold. She needs time to heal and get back to doing things by herself. She’s got no other families here besides her fiancé. So she’s all alone at the hospital where she has to put up with the disgruntled, underpaid and unsympathetic nurses. I told her to bear whatever they threw at her while she focuses on getting better and out away from the hospital.

At the guest house however, we’ve had to put up with ungrateful customers who abuse privileges. The hospitality business has its peak and off periods, like most other businesses. But we’ve had a busy house since September and we thank God-it’s paying the bills even though there isn’t enough to go round for miscellaneous. And so it was that we had to offer our services to this middle-aged white woman, heavily pregnant and” homeless”. It wouldn’t be the first time. Apparently, she had been here before earlier in the year. But I didn’t meet her then and just got to meet with her recently. She looks balanced with a sense of wellbeing, but that was a hoax. This woman acts like a recovering junkie and she smokes like a chimney. Smoking isn’t a societal plaque here, it is a norm. So that’s no biggy! I told the staff we could be having problems with late payment as that’s usually the case with these druggies. What I wasn’t prepared for was theft. The first incident happened and it was resolved because everyone’s been compassionate towards this woman. She has a way of making people listen to her and feeling for her. And besides, it was only natural that one would feel this way since she was carrying a child and one could not help but consider the unborn baby when dealing with her. She took the microwave with her, without anyone’s consent or permission. We didn’t realize it was missing until she had gone out for the day. She brought it back claiming she’ borrowed’ it for use at some church function. Hubby said I should just give her a warning but let her stay instead of sending her away from the guest house.

She had told us (myself, the staff other guests) about her delivery date and we all believed her. I don’t think she lied about her delivery date. What she had blatantly and beautifully lied about was “who was taking up the responsibility” of the birth expense. I engaged in conversations with her occasionally and she kept repeating the same thing-that her mother was going to come around, be there with her at the hospital and was going to pay upfront for her accommodation at the guest house. This was just one of her numerous lies. While she had told me she was going to ask her daughter, a supposed hairdresser for money to pay for the two-nights she owed us in arrears, she had confided in another guest that her daughter was in a rehab. She had to tell a compelling story to get some sympathy because she borrowed some money from this guest. The bottom-line is, she played us all, every one of us. She had left again yesterday morning (14th of October) with the Microwave oven and the electric kettle and has eventually gone for good. Just before she left, I still had a talk with her and even asked if she’s got everything she needs for the arrival of the baby. I never saw anyone who was expecting a child in a couple of days without any baby wears. She was my first. I didn’t see it coming. Our staff had taken her off and that was why I was involved in things at the guest house than usual. She had it all planned out. She knew no one would suspect her again since we only gave her a slap on the wrist the first time. Still treated her well, gave her breakfast even while she was indebted to us and very well interacted with her in a nice manner. She gave no clue for anyone to be suspicious. In all honesty, I still didn’t trust her even when she returned the microwave oven the first time and I made this known to our staff. Junkies would do anything for money to get high. Since this lady wasn’t into drugs (at least not while she was here), she would obviously have to get the money somewhere else. So hubby said we shouldn’t alert the cops but just let it be. I am not even angry because she stole our goods and didn’t pay for the two nights she owed. I just feel used and foolish. She drove right past me and I had no idea she was stealing from us. We were all concerned about her welfare and had been nice towards her. And that’s just one of the things that goes on in SA. People rip you off, lie to you, steal from you and take advantage of you. We’ve only been in this business for a little less than three years and we’re learning more about crises and sacrifices. These things come with the territory as they say.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tune in and log out!

Our body speaks to us,if only we choose to listen.We sometimes ignore the warning signs and forge ahead like a machine.Even a machine can stop working abruptly if not well maintained.It's the same with our metabolism.The symptoms of a nervous break-down maight be persistent headache,muscular pains and fatigue.Somehow,human nature is so kind that we keep going even when these signs are there.Mysterious,huh?
Well,I can almost say I had been rid of the stormy headache I used to have years back.There was a time as a teenager that I couldn't go through the week without a bout of migraine.It was like'hell sent'.There was no access to the internet then to browse for information on causes.So,it's either you're self-medicating by taking aspirin (our own paracetamol,panadol or the powder home brand of "Alabukun"),which are always readily available from the nearest shops or the "Chemist" as we refer to what the western world call"Pharmacy".If you're not doing this,it means someone has suceeded in persuading you to have a visit with the physician as it may be a symptom of something more serious like malaria or even worse,a typhoid fever.God help you you find a solution in orthodox medicine.Else,you'll have trouble in your hands by the superstitions and fettish beliefs of friends or families.You would be subjected to"supernatural diagnosis" and the result would be a" spell" from some unknown enemy camp like extended families and so forth.Yeah!that happens a lot.The fastest diagnosis to any ailment that doesn't go away easily is"witchcraft".However ridiculous this may sound,it is an embedded part of the people's culture that no amount of civilisation can eradicate-simple!
And so it was funny that yesterday,while I was under the attack of this recurring headache,it flashed my mind back to those days.I had to be prayed for at some point.Nothing seemed to be working at that time.But it was a religious head from my Arabic school,who offerred this prayer.It was a terrible headache and I wish I knew what the cause was at the time (besides being a worrying wart,and a teenager with unspoken burden too much to bear of course).
But this time around,taking panado and a very long sleep has sent the headache packing.I've been trying to find the cause because,I usually get such headache from lack of sleep,strain of my eyes and worrisome thoughts.I've had a combination of the trio these past few weeks.But I just didn't think it was responsible for the headache.My eyes were really hurting yesterday and if not for hubby,who insisted I went to bed and that the tv be switched off,I wouldn't have got that therapeutic sleep.
I was very hesitant and reluctant to go to bed that early.Firstly,I wanted to watch the weekend blockbuster and secondly,going to bed early equals a'night vigil' for me.But I was amazed waking up by 3.30 am didn't interrupt my sleep and I was ble to go back to sleep without much struggle.That doesn't happen as in,almost 'never'.I guess I didn't reaslise how much sleep I needed and how much my body was craving for some rest.Somehow,I kind of think something else might be responsible for my lower back pain besides sleep deprivation.I've been feeling that a lot of late.I think it's about time I resumed my skipping exercise!
I intend to have the eye test done tomorrow, God willing.This time,am paying and not waiting for freebies.I've got to take care of my eyes before I can really start studying for the exams.I can't wait for that visit to the Optometrist!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The year's fast coming to an end!

No festivity has made anu difference here.Not even Christmas and new or bank holidays as it's called in Britain.I can't really say the year went by so fast for most things.But it did with my studies.God willing,in less than two months'time,'Id have completed one level.
One down,two more to go,by God's grace.
Ok,there's a virus on my ssytem and it's really getting on my nerves.I have tried doing somehting'bout it to no avail.I've never had to worry about my system being infected all the time I've had access to the intrnet from home.This is the very first time and I have to "springclean' the drive on this one.Unless of course,somneone gives me a better idea....Now who would that be?Do I need to remind myself am a loner here?
I should ahve known better than to use my flash disk at the office.Anyway,no use crying over spilled milk.The harm's already done.I don't ahev anything to lose.I've copied whatever I feel is necessary.But it's slowing down my work and it's making accessing the sites difficult and frustrating.
Today was a public holiday in my homecountry-our Independence.Am sure it'd be a long weekeend for some people.I still have memories of a song composed while we clocked twenty-five.Iwas still quite young then,a child.That was twenty-four years ago.Well,I kinda missed home there's a time I don't miss home.
I missed the eye test yesterday by five munites.I couldn't believe it.And if I had been five minutes early,I would have had my eyes screened for free.Well,I seem to be handling some things better these days than before.It's called growing up.I was already around the place but couldn't just figure out what Optometrist I was going.I was wrongly informed,but I know better now.I was upset though,but because of something else.
I think I should just logg off before I let this hanging keyboard get under my skin.I need to format this system.....arrrrgggg!