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The fire that refuses to be extinguished!

I'll have to go get the kids from school in a few minutes and that means"no more me-time"! Sometimes I question myself if it's okay not to miss them while they're away the whole day.In all honesty,it feels just right since am stuck with them afterwards. I won't get any serious work done with them around which was why I made the arrangement for my revision class for tomorrow, God willing.I'll be getting some helping hand with hubby's former receptionist and my young friend. I miss the stimulating conversations we used to have because she made me 'practice' my'oral English. I enjoyed discussing with her while she worked at the office because she was up for it.Besides that,mentoring her reminds me of how it used to be and gives me the privilege of enjoying one of my hobbies.
 I'm trying to get used to wearing my specs, am not putting it on now.I tend to forget that I got it for this purpose.Wearing it outdoors hasn't been as strange as I had anticipated because I've always been shy to wear specs outside the home.But thankfully,since wearing sun glasses was a no-no for me,this specs'serving a dual purpose-it's tinted against sunlight!

Something in me came alive when I attended the pre-conference with the Nigerian delegates.I was the youngest in their midst and of course it made a huge difference for me.It was the first time ever I'd have contact with people of such calibre.I mean top officials.The permanent secretary of the Nigeria civil service commission,the commissioner and some directors.They were the delegates and came in two batches.I recall how enthusiastic I was not because of their presence,but because the theme of the conference appealed to me and I felt so passionate to do something for my homecountry.....I actually don't know if am allowed to use"motherland" because in my subconscious,I keep reminding myself my mother's originally from another part of Africa.So rather than leaning towards any gender (like "fatherland");I usually play neutral. My passion was rekindled and the hope re-lived.The feeling of doing something for a change,for my "voice" to be heard and my impact felt came alive on that day.And once again,I reminded myself why I have always nurtured the idea of being in the media.I am not giving up the will to do something at the grassroot.Each time all these thoughts cross my mind,it goes back home and not abroad.....I don't know if that's patriotism!
I'll get back to this topic later..time's up for the kids to get home!


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