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Need to break the jinx...

I have to make this quick post now as am not sure I'd have the energy to do so later in the day.Besides not having the strength,I may just be too lazy.
I forgot to mention in my last post that hubby caught up with the'run-away' guest,who stole our electric kettle and Microwave oven.Yes,it was a race he won.Apparently,he spotted the middle-aged woman,(who has put to bed as expected) on his way out last two Mondays.She drove past him when he tried to corner her and was going to speed off.I didn't know my husband still remembers the moves from James Bond movies.He was quite tactical and was able to block her way.Thank God for the traffic light,everyone was held to a halt.The drama was that hubby not only crossed this woman's way,he also blocked and hindered other road users from moving forward when the traffic light hit green.But it was worth the whole car chase drama because,right there and then,he was reimbursed.She had to make a call through to her estranged father,who was more hesitant than willing to part away with any other freebies.She couldn't even make the call,hubby had to give her his cell phone.He calculated the cost of the two items and aded it to the two-day stay she owed.Case closed!I wasn't surprised she was caught,I was only surprised it was my hubby himself who saw her.I already told our long-staying guest that she can't run far.Where would she go?She can only go as far as her fuel will take her.We're talking of a woman who couldn't afford to buy a single piece of  socks for her unborn child.She had no home,had two or three pieces of clothes and practically lived in her car.Whatever her situation is,I have empathised with that unborn child before he was born..(am not sure'bout the gender).If eventually she's unable to get some cents to buy cigarettes or drink and do all other stuffs am not interested in,I hope she'd not exchange her baby for the goods.It's happened before with a junkie...
Now to what interested me yesterday.This is South Africa and things couldn't be any weirder,at least for me.I feel like I've seen it all,from horrific scenes of abuse replica of the movies to unstable and unpredictable weather.Where do I begin from?Today's the last day in October,we're by all metereological facts and weather forecasting updates,expected to be in "summer"...That's yet to happen.And so it was yesterday that it got cloudy and I knew I didn't have any more time to waste to go get the kids from school.I would have gone earlier but I needed more time to myself .And besides,they missing school for two days made me feel like they had to remain there the entire day to make up for it....That's not feasible of course and I knew it.We got a ride from our neighbour and the kids were spared the ten minutes walk back home.Anyway, they missed school becasue we were at the Nigeria Consulate on Wednesday and Thursday.I was hesitant'bout them going to school yesterday but their dad  insisted they went.Good thing they did as they were doing the vacination rounds and they'd have missed out.
So now,whether I like it,ready or not,I have to start my driving lessons.oh!there's so much to put down now but I've got no time.Hubby just told me last night that his friend invited us to his wife's baby shower.I've never been to any since it's not in our culture.Of course I do know what baby shower's all about unlike hubby who taught it was just eating and saying thank you goodbye.Well,I quickly told him it means"buying gift".He understood and now we've agreed to have a stop at the mall before heading to the venue.I do complain of not having the opportunity of socialising and this is one of such opportunities.The reason am not against going or feeling uncomfortable's because it's a ladies' gathering.The obstacle of socialising for me is the calibre of people I'd be relating with.But I do not want to anticipate a smoking lady or the lady friend of  booze before I even get to meet the other invited guests.I've never been to their house before but they've been here on many occasions.Maybe we'll be there again when she's had the baby.Otherwise there's no guarantee that I'll be paying them a regular visit once we go now.We'll cross that bridge when we get there.For now,I've got to go get the kids ready and find somehting casual to wear myself.

I hope to come back here before the end of today..At least,I've broken the jinx and have exceeded my previous posts by one..hurray!!!

Oh! by the way,above is the picture of the snow flakes we had yesterday,I couldn't get a clear shot as I couldn't leave the house and this was taken with my phone.There was no way I was going to let the evening pass without making a history of it.I took a few shots with our camera but am not sure I'll be able to upload it yet.I'll try.I should be able to get a better view...


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