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Our body speaks to us,if only we choose to listen.We sometimes ignore the warning signs and forge ahead like a machine.Even a machine can stop working abruptly if not well maintained.It's the same with our metabolism.The symptoms of a nervous break-down maight be persistent headache,muscular pains and fatigue.Somehow,human nature is so kind that we keep going even when these signs are there.Mysterious,huh?
Well,I can almost say I had been rid of the stormy headache I used to have years back.There was a time as a teenager that I couldn't go through the week without a bout of migraine.It was like'hell sent'.There was no access to the internet then to browse for information on causes.So,it's either you're self-medicating by taking aspirin (our own paracetamol,panadol or the powder home brand of "Alabukun"),which are always readily available from the nearest shops or the "Chemist" as we refer to what the western world call"Pharmacy".If you're not doing this,it means someone has suceeded in persuading you to have a visit with the physician as it may be a symptom of something more serious like malaria or even worse,a typhoid fever.God help you you find a solution in orthodox medicine.Else,you'll have trouble in your hands by the superstitions and fettish beliefs of friends or families.You would be subjected to"supernatural diagnosis" and the result would be a" spell" from some unknown enemy camp like extended families and so forth.Yeah!that happens a lot.The fastest diagnosis to any ailment that doesn't go away easily is"witchcraft".However ridiculous this may sound,it is an embedded part of the people's culture that no amount of civilisation can eradicate-simple!
And so it was funny that yesterday,while I was under the attack of this recurring headache,it flashed my mind back to those days.I had to be prayed for at some point.Nothing seemed to be working at that time.But it was a religious head from my Arabic school,who offerred this prayer.It was a terrible headache and I wish I knew what the cause was at the time (besides being a worrying wart,and a teenager with unspoken burden too much to bear of course).
But this time around,taking panado and a very long sleep has sent the headache packing.I've been trying to find the cause because,I usually get such headache from lack of sleep,strain of my eyes and worrisome thoughts.I've had a combination of the trio these past few weeks.But I just didn't think it was responsible for the headache.My eyes were really hurting yesterday and if not for hubby,who insisted I went to bed and that the tv be switched off,I wouldn't have got that therapeutic sleep.
I was very hesitant and reluctant to go to bed that early.Firstly,I wanted to watch the weekend blockbuster and secondly,going to bed early equals a'night vigil' for me.But I was amazed waking up by 3.30 am didn't interrupt my sleep and I was ble to go back to sleep without much struggle.That doesn't happen as in,almost 'never'.I guess I didn't reaslise how much sleep I needed and how much my body was craving for some rest.Somehow,I kind of think something else might be responsible for my lower back pain besides sleep deprivation.I've been feeling that a lot of late.I think it's about time I resumed my skipping exercise!
I intend to have the eye test done tomorrow, God willing.This time,am paying and not waiting for freebies.I've got to take care of my eyes before I can really start studying for the exams.I can't wait for that visit to the Optometrist!


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