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'been busy

I always remember this day,I mean the 1st of December celebrated globally as World Aids Day.Fourteen years back while in Secondary school we acted a drama on the topic.It remains one of the most memorable moments of my life.I had been down memory lane since morning and had the privilege of sharing it with two of my old friends,who partook in the drama back then-one via a text message,the other via an Instant chat.And the highlight of the day has been attending the'supposed' conference at Boksburg along with hubby on the MDG.It's been an exhilarating experience-me again with top officials.
But am a little tired and cannot type out my written thoughts meant for today's post.I had to while away time before the conference's very unlike me to go out without any book to read while waiting (even  while on the queue at Banks).But I knew it wouldn't be appropriate to take any magazine with me since I'd be busy with the conference.I think it's about time I resume to bed for the night.Am quite sleepy and can't or maybe "won't" fight it.I really need that sleep as I've got another hectic day ahead of me tomorrow,God-willing.
Eid's alreeady gone and we hosted some guests and hubby's friends on Sunday.
I have suceeded in sewing one Kaftan as my first practising sewig lessons.It turned out good and I've already launched it.I wore it to my son's 'graduation' from Creche to Grade1 on Saturday.I think I'd have to donwl;oad some pixtures here to display my practice.that'd be nice..
gatta go very sleepy and am already commiting blunders..nighty-night!


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