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'been a lil'while!

I've had 'moments' and times to myself that  I could have spared to update my blog,but I didn't.Even though I had the free time,the thoughts were just not co-ordinated....
I haven't stepped outside this house in the last fourty-eight hours,but it didn't feel like a"cell" unlike the past.I have come to appreciate what not having much to do,mentally does to your brain and psyche.There were two concurrent days I didn't even put on the PC at all.It was deliberate.I mean,there are other things I could have been doing and preoccupy myself with,had I the privilege of  physical contacts.Since I got my sewing machine a couple of months back,I have developed a keeness for sewing,however amateurish the sewing turns out.But so far,I think I have done well.With no one to put me through and limited resources (the Internet's actually the only one available) and failed promises of assistance by my neighbour and our staff;I decided to keep exploring by myself.
It's a holiday but nothing in my neighbourhood gives one that feeling,with the exception of some ill-mannered few causing pandemonium,playing loud and intolerable music from their cars,and another insensible one speeding through the streets with a motorbike,oh!Lest I forget,a couple of houses had the ritual Christmas decorations...Otherwise,you'd have thought the community was evacuated..yes,that's how quiet it is!
Or should I say"boring" and "overly dry"?It's a beautiful day and it'd have been a good day for picnic if we had plan to go out.But that's not up to me,so it's better I don't fantasise too much...

I know the Islamic Vacation Course (IVC) is holding presently back in my homecountry.It's an avenue for the muslims to also have something doing and to improve their religious and spiritual well being at this time of the year.I was never a 'regular',but I most likely would have attended as a 'visitor',were I back home.
Am almost bored now being on the internet and sewing both,requires me sitting down.And I just get tired of sitting with the lower-back pain that wouldn't go away...I think I better resume my sewing now...after grabbing something to eat of course.Am famished!


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