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rat race (part two)

I wasn't really tired last night,I was so darn sleepy I went to bed earlier than usual..I couldn't even stay up to see'Heroes'!!!Am actually having this slight headache that's been there all day.But I won't give-in just yet..I've got to do this.I've been on the sewing machine for most part of the afternoon and just had to squeeze out the strength to update my blog.
So we took the little lad to the Physician before we headed for the mall.Since they were not included in the plans before,we had to drop the kids off at home before heading to the Consulate.We were running late but still made it..they didn't get started without us!!!We had lunch, pleasantries and well wishes for our beloved country...then group pictures.....
We checked into Birchwood  on Saturday and returned home on Sunday afternoon.
My thoughts have been interrupted..I had to chat with my very dear cousin,more like a sister to me actually.

Todays' my father's birthday,I don't have any recollection of spending any of his birthdays with him.At least my kids're more fortunate.I didn't get to live this long with either of my folks.I pray God spares his life and grant him a sound health so that I can still get the opportunity to spend some time with him and for my kids to know him as their maternal granddad!
Here're some of the pictures from our recent get-away:


  1. mashaa Allah , lovely pictues Umm Ameenah :)

    Happy Birthday to your dad too.

  2. Jazakallahu sis.for your comments...happy to have you read my blog!!!


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