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rat race...

It's indeed a rat race,the way I want to catch up and update everything?I think am way over my head.Alright,this past week was jam-packed with the"Conference on MDG" but it was  a little disappointing.I sensed this would happen but couldn't do anything to change it.Hubby made a point and I agreed with him-he had to do it irrespective of the low attendance.If he plans on hosting it next year,then he had to make it happen and so he did.Without mincing words,my hubby's one of the unrelenting and most persistent personality I've ever come across.Okay,let me briefly summarise how it all went.The first day was on Monday the 30th and the Nigerian delegate had arrived  on Saturday as scheduled (she happens to be a family-friend as well).So we were honoured to host her in our guest house,which was way too low for her portfolio.So,the luncheon was held at Emperor's Palace,Kempton Park but,the Namibian and Kenyan ambassadors refused to attend.Hubby having a thick skin didn't let it get to him.In the end,we had the lunch in their absence.And Monday ended.
Tuesday we were at a different venue-Birchwood Conference and Convention centres.A very beautiful scenic with ambience.I love the place because of the way nature was blended with the modern structures.Don't salivate,I shall God willing post the pictures very soon (after uploading that is).You should trust me,even if I had to use my mobile phone.There was no way I was going to narrate everything especially since am still working on my'adjectives',without supporting it with pictures...COMING SOON!
The guest speaker was from UNDP and as usual,you'd be enthralled and captivated by his intellectual deliverance.He knows his stuff,there's no doubt about it.He delivered his speech (we finally got our very own Projector after much delay) and we went for lunch.I was the first to arrive and had to receive him and take him to the conference room.We awaited others not for too long.While waiting,we chatted about politics (afterall,that was why we were there in the first instance).It turned out to be a fruitful day.I had explained our situation with the unattending delegates to him and he was superbly understanding.
Wednesday was supposed to see the representatives from NEPAD,we had only one delegate out of the two that were supposed to attend~~~~~~as my people would say"nothing spoil" (i.e 'It's all good)!The topic was on ICT and we had contributions...the speaker was a Malawian lady from the NEPAD office here in Johannesburg.Again,we had lunch after the question and answer session we headed to the office to drop off the staffs and then off to my appointment with the OBG....don't ask me what for.But am not preggo just in case you're guessing or imagining things!!!We headed home afterwards and looked forward to the following day.Oh!the conference's ended by this time and what was left was touring Johannesburg.The full package wasn't going to happen since the attendance was unproductive.
On Thursday,we , moved around and paid a Courtesy visit to the Nigerian Consulate-very amiable and down to earth man.Hubby had spoken highly  of him and had praised his   good nature.We were welcomed to his office and were given a warm reception.Are you wondering if I pinched myself ?Don't because I didn't...I just basked in the moment and was just 'myself'!It went well and the CG organised lunch for us for the following day and apologised that he wouldn't be around..he had to be at the Draws for the World Cup held in Cape Town.He had to be there to receive the Nigeria diplomats.
And then comes Friday....on Thursday evening after we got back,one of the staffs at home informed me my son had rashes and she suspects it's measles.Him and his sister had been vaccinated,so I was a little concerned.We agreed we had to take him to the physician just to be on the safe side.I don't take chances with health matters.So we first headed to the Doctor's....
I want to sign out now..will continue tomorrow God-willing!!!I want to rest my eyes for the day(it's past midnight BTW)..but I want to see this Gandhi movie till the end.And my backs hurts from hours of sitting on this chair....



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