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My baby's becoming a 'little man'...

My six-year old son officially commenced his grade one today.After so much waiting and hoping,we couldn't get him the school of our choice!We didn't even get to be told why,but we  already know why!Those folks think they can be diplomatic without one sensing their biased views.Hubby wanted to push further,I discouraged him from doing so.We would do no such thing because he was unfairly treated.He satisfied their requirement,no question about that....Am kind of tired and hope to continue tomorrow God willing!!!

A glee for the gloomy days!

I need no crystal ball to tell me,'Joy' is on a different path from mine.
'Happiness' and I had an arrangement that worked.But only for a short while.
I guess that's no surprise since I chose 'Happiness' and it wasn't the other way round.
As for 'Hope','Hope' has always been there.'Hope' is here to stay.For the bumpy rides and the rocky days.
Hope has always been there.Even when I chose to ignore Hope.Hope refused to go away.
'Hope' remained with me,as loyal as they come!
'Consolation' came around a few times,but couldn't do much.
'Consolation' and 'Hope' are friends.'Consolation' tags along on every journey 'Hope' makes.
Many times,'Consolation' is not recognised because of the different forms of appearance.
'Consolation' may not necessarily be tangible or even sufficient.
So 'Hope' introduces 'Consolation' to ease the way.
'Fear' and …

Family ties&knots...

I refuse to accept that wishing for a close-knitted family ties,is a fantasy!It can happen because it does still happen.
I have lost contact with five of my siblings for about three years now,or more.But that's nothing one can brag about.It wasn't pre-planned nor was it deliberate.The fact that I didn't get the chance to grow up with my siblings has always put a strain on our relationship.growing up in different environments with one background polished while the other isn't;has its impacts as well.
Let me start from the basics.Ten years back,I wouldn't speak of my family the way am going to now.The reason is not farfetched-I'm a product of a'broken home'.In my own generation,I happen to be the only product of that misfortune.My father's the second of three surviving sons from my paternal grandmother....Before the demise of his older brother twenty-five years ago.Today,my father and his younger brother are the last and only surviving of my grandmoth…