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A glee for the gloomy days!

I need no crystal ball to tell me,'Joy' is on a different path from mine.
'Happiness' and I had an arrangement that worked.But only for a short while.
I guess that's no surprise since I chose 'Happiness' and it wasn't the other way round.
As for 'Hope','Hope' has always been there.'Hope' is here to stay.For the bumpy rides and the rocky days.
Hope has always been there.Even when I chose to ignore Hope.Hope refused to go away.
'Hope' remained with me,as loyal as they come!
'Consolation' came around a few times,but couldn't do much.
'Consolation' and 'Hope' are friends.'Consolation' tags along on every journey 'Hope' makes.
Many times,'Consolation' is not recognised because of the different forms of appearance.
'Consolation' may not necessarily be tangible or even sufficient.
So 'Hope' introduces 'Consolation' to ease the way.
'Fear' and 'Regrets' are no 'friends' but 'foes'.Yet,we choose 'fear' and 'regret' over 'Hope' all the time.
'Fear' is a 'hindrance',a 'deterrent' and an 'obstacle'.'Regret' has the same goal in mind.
What I have also come to realsie is that,'Hope' is good,very good indeed.But,"Faith" is the best!
One who has"faith" has got everything.'Faith' brings,'happiness','contentment','fulfillment' and 'joy.'
Have 'Faith',and the rest shall follow!


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