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It is not a sin to dream...I find comfort in having fantasies sometimes.I remember the things I used to wonder about as a child.The power of imagination is so strong it makes your day-dream almost a reality.What I still do till date is imagine what life would be like,having no pressure this much and a tranquility instead.But I agree that life without an adventure is boring,dry and uninteresting...Still,there are times I just wish I could be whisked away to some farm house or some country home,where all you see is natural.A place where you'll be awoken by the cooing and whistling of birds,where the stream flows gently without turbulence,where you can hear the King of the jungle roar,yet not be afraid.A place where you can take walks and not fear for your life.A serene place where everyone knows and appreciates sharing the same neighbourhood,where kids can explore their childhood curiousity,where everyone's concerned about everyone's safety...I dream of just going some place with some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city...Just be in the presence of nature...Yeah,I know.I must be talking about Paradise,huh?
I missed being with my families back home yesterday.Weddings are usually the perfect opportunity for family gatherings.I had hoped to be there.I guess I should be pray to be alive to witness many more weddings in the family...
It's Sunday and there isn't much to be done here (except watch tv and listen to the kids scream all over the house)...while their father naps or bore me with the endless political talks..and soccer too!!!What can I do?The poor guy's got no one around to chat with.So am his chatting buddy'!
I may try getting on the sewing machine today..Oh!I picked up knitting again.Am remaking my daughter's hair net....Can you blame me?Am almost dying of boredom here.

I almost didn't mention that,hubby was attacked by gun men on Friday.His two phones were taken at gun point and the cash he had on him was also taken.For some reason,I can't really explain,am over it (but not before the thought of having some defence skill or even 'tools' to knock those hoodlums out).My mind was further poisoned about calling this place 'my home'.Perhaps,things would be different  if we stayed in high-fenced houses like those we saw in Sandton yesterday.Maybe not.You see why I'm still dreaming of going away to some country home?Am just glad my husband's still alive and that my kids still have a father.They had no idea what really happened on that day.Especially since we went to Vodaworld to block their dad's phone and retrieve his number back.It all seemed like watching a movie.May God's shield be over us always!


  1. Ya Allah , gun men ?? Alhamdo liLLah your DH is ok mashaa Allah .What a shocking experiance.

    May all your dreams come true sis :)

  2. Yes sis.lina..gun men..telling him they would shoot him if he doesn't give them what they asked for.....How short life is!we should indeed be grateful for every passing day,minute,seconds we spend being alive.May Allah protect us and our loved ones at all times..Thanks for your best wishes sis!!!


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