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Just another working day...

And so it happened that we finally hired a Receptionist last Monday. Since we’re a small private company, we need not put the advertorial in the dailies or the Internet. But we were able to improvise and applicants sent in their resume as requested. Not all of them showed up for the interview though. A lady had dropped off her CV a couple of weeks back and I sent her a text message to come for the interview as well. Let me confess, hers was a different case because I had taken to her the very day she came to the office to send a faxed document. She was mature, confident without being too forward and she spoke English well (to my amazement).So I made sure she was called as well. She came later than the other applicants and after the interview was over, but hubby briefed her and she said she was on board. I was testing her without her knowledge. I needed to be sure that I hadn’t been blinded by her instant charm. That she could deliver. Apparently she was! I saw her as a visionary person that very day. The new receptionist commenced her work and she was deployed to Training. But that was the last we would see of her. She didn’t show up the following day. I am not in the least disappointed because I seem to have developed a shield for disappointments where South Africans are expected. We’ve had several experiences with them and the just keep living up to expectations.Still, I like the lady…
Hubby was impressed by the typing speed of the receptionist we employed. She was faster than the other applicant and he wasted no time in hiring her. It was half-month and she commenced work right away…Yours truly was relieved of her multi-undefined duties and I was glad to leave that seat for someone else…Don’t be deceived.Truly,I am a people’s person and I’ve always done a good job being a receptionist right from my teenage years. But I am not deluded into thinking I would build a career in Secretarial duties…It’s just not that interesting or challenging for me.
The new receptionist’s trying, except that she’s a “plain Jane” ;otherwise, she’s a cool-headed young lady.
 Now am going to blow my trumpet. The charm isn’t there and pleasantries go hand-in-hand with being the first point of call in any establishment or organisation. The first impression goes a long way.Hubby didn’t tell me how a client appraised me and how helpful I was when he called to make enquiries, until this morning. Like I said, I’ve always done a good job doing that, but it’s just not my “real thing”. Anyway, the bottomline is, am now a “Trainer”. Yes o!A trainer. I have been assigned to tutor the two students that are taking a Computer Appreciation course. I tried to evade that post, but could not. Hubby has obligated me because his hands are full. I just finished with them now and am so looking forward to the weekend. My one and only friend here says she’d come visiting this weekend. At least, there’d be someone to chat with and more activities in the house. And am hoping to really try to get two caftans sewn this weekend. I need to replace my old ones.
So I’ve reluctantly accepted my new job as a ‘computer training tutor’, but I know when to ask for help. As conversant as I am with using computers, I haven’t explored the functions that much to become a trainer. But hey!I like a challenge and am not going to chicken out,again!
Still at the office….


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