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Same ol,same ol'!

I can't deny that I get too philosophical and somewhat emotional sometimes (most times,actually).But I don't react irrationally.Recent events involving me and some close friends just got me really deep in thought (like there was actually a time my thoughts aren't deep).
I don't have the statistics,but from what I have seen over the years,men as much as women make or break a relationship.And please,do not give me the mantra about it being a"man's world".Some people just don't get it.The fact that something happens most of the time should not make it a norm.I think the reason that adage's still in use's because women have stopped believing in themselves.They've given up the fight.I respect 'certain' cultures,not all of them.For instance,am from an ethnic group that gives the right to be chauvinistic to men..You may be wondering how that is.But it's true because,they can negligently discard religion and replace it with culture.They are clearly deluded,no apologies.Some people think it's easy to say "African men are chauvinists" ,and that makes it okay for the women to condone it and suffer in silence...Newsflash!We've got rights,natural rights that even God gave us and expects us to be treated as the sensitive creatures that we are (forget that some women are tougher than men).I am so fulfilled to be born a Muslim and still threading this chosen path.My knowledge's not enough to make me a scholar.But I sure have sufficient information to make me understand how am supposed to be treated as a woman.Islam actually gives right to women just like does not,contrary to what non-Muslims (and some ignorant Muslims alike) presume.
When I get analytical like this,I hardly can stop.There's always this thing that rumbles in my tummy,triggers in me and pushes me to become some human rights activist..."Women's Rights Activist" precisely.
A very dear friend was a victim of some selfish inglorious loser recently,and I feel so helpless because of the distance between us.What would I have done,you may ask.Well,for starters,I would definately confront this immature and give him a piece of my mind.I get so irritated when women are referred to as the weaker gender'...It makes us dormant,docile, defenseless,helpless, susceptible,vulnerable and weak as suggested.
When Islam recommends that both men and women should remain faithful and committed to their marriage,the Yoruba culture preaches otherwise.Cases like the widely broadcasted infidelity of someone like Tiger Woods wouldn't have made an headliner.And if it did,there wouldn't be that much fuss.They'll simply say,"and so what'?A man can do that but a woman shouldn't or cannot.Yes,I know let me state it before am crucified.Islam permits men to have more than one wife (not concubines).But the reasons behind this ruling are usually ignored and abused.And it is nothing like what we see in the world today.Men choose to be with more than one woman for 'other selfish reasons'!
My dear friend may not be able to fight her battle herself because she's soft-hearted,very caring and that's what landed her into this trouble.What was supposed to be an advantage for her was used against her.She was taken for granted and taken advantage of.But hey!No use crying over spilt milk.I pray God sees her through this trying days and makes her affairs easy....
I will continue to nurture the plan of publishing a book and being involved in educating young ladies,women whenever and wherever I get the opportunity,by God's grace.I started the book three years back but din't get half-way before I stopped writing.I won't push it.Perhaps,I'd regain the zest and inspiration to go further in the future,if God wills.I'll keep hope alive!


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