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Don't try too hard to make any sense of it...just thinking out loud as usual!

Am open to suggestions….May be am getting ‘too comfortable’ in my comfort zone. Or is it lack of time management? Does it mean am unserious all these years, procrastinating g that I intend to write a book? I think I’ve said it more times than I can remember that,”I want to write a book” .Even some of my friends have asked me “what about your book now”? It was really thoughtful of them and they don’t realize how much I appreciate the fact that they think I can do it. I’ve always said that, my friends even have more faith and confidence in me than I in myself.
I was watching Oprah Winfrey’s show yesterday and she had a guest that has written a Book, which has accumulated millions of dollars, in the box office. The Book’s been
Turned to a movie and it has gained popularity over the last five years or more. Don’t rack your brain, it’s not Harry Potter. Am leaving the details out as am not advertising for the movie…The movie has sold itself!
What really interested me in all of this is the fact that, this woman’s in her mid-thirties and she’s a stay-at-home mom. So she got the inspiration to write from a dream and the rest is history as they say. She uses her laptop according to her, typing every idea that readily comes to her mind. She was awed as she never expected the victory and accomplishments an ordinary dream has brought her. She’s become famous overnight, unintended and she’s humbled by that. Another thing that I wish the interview would shed more light on is how she managed to get-way from family’s interruption, the house chores and how she handled writing her books along with being a wife and mother to three sons. Whatever and however she did it, I give her the kudos.
The reason am stating these already known facts’ not farfetched. I can barely practice my sewing with the kids climbing and jumping all over the place. I never seize to wonder where they get their energy from. God is awesomely wonderful!

I may get back to this later..or not!It's going to be a long weekend...Monday's a Public holiday!


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