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"I'm happy to have families and friends who care".....

Am happy tonight...Happier,livelier and more grateful even.
I've always said that the best things in life are not things.And today just goes to prove that the more.Even if I was back home in my country,I wouldn't have received this much wishes and prayers today,being my birthday.I would of course spend time with my families and maybe a few friends.But It feels so good and I feel particularly special because people I haven't set my eyes on in years...are wishing me a happy birthday.
In all honesty,am of the opinion that,people should be appreciated,recognised and rewarded for their efforts in their lifetime,not after they're dead.Posthumous awards can come after they've been recognised in their lifetime.The message is simple.."appreciate what you've got" before you have it no more!I will send my 'gratitude note' and post it on my Facebook profile,God willing.Each and everyone has made my day,and I am indeed very,very grateful.
Here're some of last weekend get-away as promised..Happy viewing....!!!


  1. Will upload the rest of the pictures later,God willing!It's late..gotta go to bed now!!!


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