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Am not afraid of colours. But am only realising that after all these years, I didn't know how reserved and ‘plain’ I was until I started watching this make-over show’ Style by Jury’. Don’t get me not saying am deciding my style by some TV show. All am just saying’s that, it made me realise I’ve not been that flexible with colours. Even though I’ve always had my own style, taste and sense of fashion, I still lacked the sense of exploring which is typical of my nature. Am not a one-way traffic. I’m open to change and very flexible. I really didn’t realise how less of bright colours I’ve worn over the years. Looking back now, I realised I actually wore clothes as a teenager for their’ style’ and fitness, rather than what colour I really like. And in my adolescence, I tuned towards ‘earth colour’ with a blend of burgundy, red and especially brown. The green that was included in my wardrobe wasn’t really given a second thought.Hmmm! What is it they say about change!
So, in my adulthood, I’ve found my own style, my true-self, my dress sense and my own comfortable sense of fashion. Believe me when I say, it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the so-called’ walkway’ or’ Hollywood’ fashion. Am so-so not into all that crap about some celebrity style and drab. And I so do not like the idea that some people can just sit down, watch you parade, make a fool of yourself and become an ‘authority’ on what ‘fashion’ is. For me, I do not think there’s a specific definition to what is’ fashionable’ or not. I believe that fashion is individualistic. It is ‘your syle’.’Your look’ your ‘comfort ‘and what makes you feel good with and about yourself. I strongly believe that, what you wear portrays how you feel. It is your own identity and not a representation of what someone or some people consider’ fashion worthy’. I honestly don’t care about labels and logos. I am of the opinion that whatever fabric you choose to wear should make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident. The word vogue can come to play,agreed.But, what if dressing for’ what’s in vogue or in fashion’ gives you no room to breathe? What if it’s just not your style? What if it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. All in the name of ‘vogue’, some people will almost choke from wearing tight-fitted clothing. Some even look stupid because they want to look younger. The so-called ‘plus-size’ (whatever that means) will join the wagon and display their extra-fats and folds, to feel ‘among’.Common, gimme a break! You can wear lose clothing and still feel good. You can just save the world another worry about obesity and  bad nutrition.there’re better things like famine, wars and natural disasters to worry about.
I am just happy to have always had that sense of ‘I will put on whatever makes me feel comfortable and modest’. So far, the few ‘cheap’ fabrics I have purchased, some sewn some not, in practising my sewing lessons, have been said to be good by people who saw them. I was even asked where I got one at the fabric store yesterday….surprisingly by a white lady…She said she really liked it and that it was a nice fabric. Meanwhile, all the time I had been to that store, I’ve never really seen anyone buy my choice of fabrics. But it never really bothered me because, we’re buying them for different purposes.Besides, am not buying what everybody’s buying. As a matter of fact, the few people I’ve mentioned to that am sewing on my own now have asked ‘where I got the fabrics from’.
I’ve always worn trousers (Americans call them pants’sorry.., am from the British former colonies as you’d have noticed in my English).Back in the days that I used to be a tom-boy (thank God for my Girls’ only High School).And now, I’ve gone back to my ‘real’ and true ‘style’…I’m back to my trousers (cargo pants mostly, a couple of regular lady trousers and Corduroys and Jeans….with long blouses or Caftans. Besides, most people seem to think they suit me better than the Skirts, which I wear thinking it would make me look ‘femine’…Alas! Well….I’ve got nothing against fashionistas...except that, they shouldn’t tell people what to wear on their dictates and fashion sense. Different strokes for different folks. Before I round up this post, let me quickly remind you that, for religion and moral reasons, am not for ‘exposed dressings’ and half-naked clothing. But in the end, it’s a free world as they say. And I’m not chastising or calling anybody names. Everyone’s free to do as they wish, until we are made to account for our deeds….And am not a saint! Just a faithful messenger….


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