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My mind's all over the place...gbami Olohun!

If I keep on saying “I need a vacation”,” I need a break”, I need a holiday”, the pressure’s just too much”, I need to breathe”. I need to get away from here for a little while”…It will seem like an excuse. But that’s just the plain truth..”I need a break from all of these mounting pressures every single day. I just don’t see any other way around it. I’ve made two mistakes I shouldn’t have made at the office, without even realizing it for over a week until now. Am not even sure how serious the damage is. But it appears to be reversible. Just a longer route and extra money to be spent on our side.

This of course isn’t the first of recurrent incidents lately, where I’ve been distracted. My mind’s all over the place and I have suddenly become incredulously forgetful. Am not saying I’ve got the memory of a genius. All am saying’s that it’s very unlike me to forget important things, be continually distracted. But it’s happening and I know it’s time for a ‘real break’. That wish seems to be farfetched because I can’t have anytime to myself. That’s what happens when you’re a mother of two kids, hyperactive (with a Capital “H”) and a demanding entrepreneur as a husband. It’s a long walk from ‘me-time’. But I’ll still keep hammering that I need a break. Who knows, I may just be fortunate to get one (with the kids tagging along of course)….
Honestly,I don't really feel good right now.Plus the medication am taking's just giving me funny side effects..drowsiness,dizziness,slurry speach and I still get sleepy after waking up...Thought this was supposed to make me feel better..Well,I guess it am sleeping longer and still feel like sleeping again,after waking up from seven hours'sleep.Is this really me or has someone else taken over my body?


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