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Before I rest my eyes for the night!

Anxiety, anticipation and uncertainty is a bubble buster!
The news I got today when hubby arrived wasn’t what I had expected. Not that I raised my hope though. It just wasn’t what I was hoping for.  I wish we hadn’t made this much preparation. Now we’ve got to keep taking groceries, clothes, and books from the luggage. That’s just an automatic‘re-packing’ afterwards. It gets a little messy too.
Today, I felt like a real ‘full time’ housewife! I joggled my tasks and tried chatting with an old friend, alongside that…call it’multitasking’.Women are good at that. I had the apron on for one third of the day, cooking, cleaning and with the kids, driving me nuts. Can you blame them? The poor kids have really prepared to visit their relations, family friends and kids they’ve interacted and played with recently. Our flight was eventually cancelled and that didn’t come as a surprise. What would have been a surprise would be things going accordingly. Now we’re back to where we started. Taking a short route to getting my permit endorsed into the new passport, didn’t go as planned. Now I’d have to take it down to Home Affairs in person with my hubby (what would I do without him?).
I had anticipated delays, not that I enjoy it. But I had to face the reality. And this was why I hadn’t told most of my friends I was travelling. The few I informed are already asking “when” I’d be coming. As for me, there’s no much excite left here! Perhaps, getting my permit endorsed would ignite that eventually, perhaps not. Am not holding my breath!
I think I should retire for the night. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow, God willing. It’s going to be a long one…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!


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