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Back at last!

I remember clearly how I repeatedly kept saying “I had a life to return to” (I still do) and that “I just needed to get out of that place (Nigeria that is). I actually wasn’t desperate. But I was more disturbed about the fact that remaining in Lagos was costing us much more than we had bargained for. The first couple of weeks I must admit were almost unbearable. After the fourth week, I refused to be frustrated and accepted the situation as my’fate’.What else could I have possibly done? The situation got worrisome when people (families and friends) assumed we had left only to learn we were still around. I think I probably would have handled it better, were it not for those comments. Albright’s this last trip wasn’t “holiday” as planned. It was an eventful one that’s left me with an experience of a lifetime...if you may. From the beginning till the end of the entire ordeal, there were lessons I was meant to learn, experiences I had been destined to pass through, the peopl…