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Just a summary!

What’s the latest? Alright, we finally fenced-off the uncontrollable dogs, defeacating on the lawns and jumping on our old short fence. Somehow, haven’t been able to ‘enjoy’ that privacy because it’s chilly outside and I’d have to wait until summer...which is close by. So it’s not going to be a long wait. So registration is closed for this session and I can’t say I’ve got plenty of time on my hands. My sewing machine needs to be serviced; I wonder what happened to it. That means-“no sewing”! I got tired of studying and brainstorming for an exam that has not been fixed for a particular date. Am sure I won’t be able to recall the chapters I had read and the images I had tried to stick in my head (call it cramming) ahead my driving theory exams. I’m still trying top figure out how the systems works in that department. That I could be sent to another province to write the 100 question long MCQ still amazes me. I thought things were supposed to be easier here, being a developed nation. Anyway…