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My daughter at five weeks or thereabout.
Above:My dear Uncle and my daughter. Below:My cousin with my daughter and my late granny! My kids! Dad and his grandkids

Above....Four generations,my late and grandkids. Below from left....Mother-in-law,hubby&a family member!

The time finally came!

I was out all day yesterday. When I say” the whole day, I mean THE BETTER PART OF THE DAY”! I was a tourist guide”. I had to take out guests (couples) on a tour of our popular Festival Mall at KemptonPark. They are here for a management training, and are lodged in our B&B.I had no idea I would be doing so much walking. Else, I would have worn something more comfy’. My toes were seriously complaining, killing me softly. I eventually ended up walking without shoes (I had socks on though). Even if I hadn’t, I couldn’t care less! I just had to get those shoes off my sore feet. I had never taken anyone shopping for ten hours!Please don’t ask, I was on duty! After all that, I still had to return home to be a mother and a wife. I had to cook and make dinner for everyone.And that I did! I had been on some medication and it came in handy.I doubt I would have stood for another hour if I hadn't take the meds. So, I went to bed early, with the intention of commencing my six-Shawwal fasting t…

From last week....

It’s 9.35 am. Am at the office and I am supposed to be working .But I think I’d need some inspiration before I can proceed. My son, only son and first child clocked seven on the 1st of September. It was almost surreal, to think that, the tiny little baby that was a part of me seven years back; is now old enough to ask me questions, tell me what he wants, refuse when he doesn’t want, and even throw tantrums when he chooses to be silly! What can I say? That’s what we prayed for right? That our child grows up healthy and be responsible, but most of all, be God-fearing! I need no crystal ball to remind me that child bearing and child bearing are totally different. It’s as easy as saying that anyone can have a child, even though not everyone does. But anyone cannot raise a child. It takes a lot of sacrifice, tolerance, perseverance, patience and commitment to raise a child. I want to believe that I didn’t turn out so bad myself. Thank God for that! I still anticipate the fear and anxiety ex…