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From last week....

It’s 9.35 am. Am at the office and I am supposed to be working .But I think I’d need some inspiration before I can proceed. My son, only son and first child clocked seven on the 1st of September. It was almost surreal, to think that, the tiny little baby that was a part of me seven years back; is now old enough to ask me questions, tell me what he wants, refuse when he doesn’t want, and even throw tantrums when he chooses to be silly!
What can I say? That’s what we prayed for right? That our child grows up healthy and be responsible, but most of all, be God-fearing! I need no crystal ball to remind me that child bearing and child bearing are totally different. It’s as easy as saying that anyone can have a child, even though not everyone does. But anyone cannot raise a child. It takes a lot of sacrifice, tolerance, perseverance, patience and commitment to raise a child. I want to believe that I didn’t turn out so bad myself. Thank God for that! I still anticipate the fear and anxiety experienced by most parents who wants nothing but the best for their child. The fear that, when they grow up; will they still be threading the path on which their foundation was based? The fear of uncertainty, asking yourself if you’ve done well. Questioning if you have put in every effort to ensure your child has a bright future. The fear of the future, what will become of your child when he or she becomes independent? The fear that, they may or not make the right decision concerning life’s choices, and what seems to matter most to their existence as a human being.
The truth is, I may not be the World’s number one mom. But I know for certain that, I have been doing everything within my capacity to ensure my kids grow up to be responsible individuals. Am still in the learning stage, I admit. But I’ve also done more than my own folks did for me. So, am giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done…well, almost well done!
Smiles! Gosh! I missed blogging terribly! 


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