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The time finally came!

I was out all day yesterday. When I say” the whole day, I mean THE BETTER PART OF THE DAY”! I was a tourist guide”. I had to take out guests (couples) on a tour of our popular Festival Mall at Kempton Park. They are here for a management training, and are lodged in our B&B.I had no idea I would be doing so much walking. Else, I would have worn something more comfy’. My toes were seriously complaining, killing me softly. I eventually ended up walking without shoes (I had socks on though). Even if I hadn’t, I couldn’t care less! I just had to get those shoes off my sore feet.
I had never taken anyone shopping for ten hours!Please don’t ask, I was on duty!
After all that, I still had to return home to be a mother and a wife. I had to cook and make dinner for everyone.And that I did! I had been on some medication and it came in handy.I doubt I would have stood for another hour if I hadn't take the meds.
So, I went to bed early, with the intention of commencing my six-Shawwal fasting today. Actually, I was supposed to have commenced yesterday.But I couldn’t start earlier for private reasons….Don’t start imagining things!
I did go to sleep earlier than I usually do and that was the reason no one could reach me on my phone, until this morning. I switch off phones at bed time, except I need the alarm on.
I was awoken with the news of my granny passing away last night. Hubby saw his message before I even switched on my phones. I think God just wanted me to get some sleep as I wouldn’t have been able to, had I received the news last night. I saw missed calls, missed text message less than an hour ago. One phone was switched off, and the other was on silent.
Am supposed to be part of the Management trainees today. But am suddenly fagged out and feel like I need another round of sleep….It ain’t gonna happen!
Even though I’ve announced my granny’s demise publicly, it feels like it hasn’t really sunk that she’s truly gone. That’s the feeling I always get when I hear that someone I know back home has passed on. The reason’s because am thousand of miles away from home and it feels like I’d see these people when next I travel home.
Am not in denial, I just haven’t had the space to process the reality, and maybe mourn my granny a little. The feeling is like awaiting something concrete, something tangible, and something I can touch to really feel that she’s goneGone! Dead!! To be seen nor heard no more!
This post is uncompleted... I will in the nearest future pay a tribute to my granny, God willing.
The one I had posted months back was while she was alive.Now that she's no more, it's time for reminisce and yet another tribute to her...She came, she saw, she battled, and conquered! My granny! An epitome of sanctity and chastity!


  1. Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon. May Allaah forgive her sins and widen her grave.

    Hope your sore feet are feeling better today.

  2. Jazakallahu sis!I decided to wear less of shoes today.I keep taking them off when am seated.And I can get away with that since am at the office.And I've got my socks on as always!.It feels like my legs are swollen.Thanks for your concern!


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