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Why are people interested in politics?

I read something on the TV in the early hours of today. I was wide awake after tossing on the bed for too long. So I decided to see what was on TV and had the privilege of seeing the intro of SABC International News. They must have a word for that in the Media vocabulary, but I don’t know what it’s called. Anyway, the words were displayed in singles and it asked: “Why are people in Politics? Is it for War, People, and so on like that.

As a former political science student and an averagely political-minded person, that caught my attention.

Of course I had tossed burning questions like that in my head several times, more than I can recall. It’s just a waste of energy because the response is staring me right in the face….Majority of politicians venture into politics for selfish reasons. Simple!

Otherwise, how do you explain the pathetic state of anarchy in some countries? How do you explain the sorry situation of the country where the citizens are lavishing in poverty and the politicians…