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...was out today;went to my school!

Registration commenced today, and I was at UNISA, Sunnyside Campus; in Pretoria. Have I mentioned that the main Campus UNISA’s first and foremost building fascinates me, no matter how many times I see it; I look at it as if it were my first. It wasn’t as hectic as I had feared it would be. The first days are usually hectic. But today was quite different. The queues of course remains. But there were no prospective learners roaming around or confused about where to go. The green horns followed the tradition though. I almost laughed when I heard a lady recounting her ordeal. How she had queued on the wrong line, and was eventually re-directed to where she was supposed to be….been there, done that, learnt my lesson! Good thing I can laugh over it now. It was pretty annoying back then and the crowd was overwhelming. Since UNISA is an institution of learning, I won’t be surprised if they have joined the campaign against polluting the environment. Hence, the reason they have gone stringent and almost “stingy” on the brochure dispatch. Perhaps, I’d get them when they send my study materials.
I had been on the queue for about forty-five minutes before I got to sit. I was thirsty before I even began my itinerary for today, but decided not to eat to my fill or drink so much water. I would need to use the ladies, and I didn’t want that to be a distraction. I spent less than five minutes while being attended to at the Access and Matriculation Exemption Section, of the registration. It was almost unbelievable. I had prayed before I left home, prayed on my way there, and prayed when I got there. I had to supplicate for God to take charge and not let anything go wrong. I wanted to be done with whatever I had to do at the Self Help Centre today. I didn’t want to be asked for what was not in my handbag, things like the Marriage Certificate for starters. Anyway, am happy and grateful to God it went well. I had gone with a whole lot of other documents of course, but wasn’t sure I would be required to provide them…better safe than sorry!
I would have said I never enjoyed a ride in a commercial bus, if I hadn’t been home this year to experience the newly introduced BRT (sorry, don’t really know the full meaning). The forty minutes drive back and forth Pretoria was as smooth as silk. I enjoyed the going more. It was very peaceful and I sat comfortably. It was a mini-bus, but very smooth ride. If going out by public transport is that interesting, I honestly wouldn’t mind going to the library in Pretoria, at the main Campus. We shall see. I included a library card while filling in my details today. So hopefully, this time around, I would get a library card and pray to make use of it. It would be nice to get away for sometime, on my own to study.
Am sleepy…took some sleeping pills last night because I haven’t been sleeping well, and it was the fourth day I had been having headache. But it’s subsided now. Gotta go…am really, really sleepy!


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