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just chilling...

Who says flying ‘solo’ can’t be fun? Think again! It’s Christmas holiday and as usual, my neighbourhood has little or nothing to show for it. With hubby being away, me being pathetically helpless with driving, the kids and I are as good as stuck until hubby returns. I think we’re looking at nothing less than a week from today. God, help me! Alright, so I can’t have discussions with the kids, but they sure know how to ask tens of questions, the ones they already have answers to; and the ones they really need answers to.
I’ve had some good laugh watching these School drama and a romantic comedy…The Perfect Holiday, Just My Luck and Sydney White. And showing now is “the Ultimate Gift (Local Channel). I had to choose between that and “Surviving Christmas” on another Local Channel. The kids have turned the bed in the guest room into their ‘jumping castle’. Can you blame them? This is really one of those times I wish I had learnt to drive…So now am doing what is not really appropriate. Seeing Ben Affleck on the other movie” Surviving Christmas” got me interested and I’m going to keep switching…ha ha ha ha!
Ok, back to the movie now!


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