Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31st,2011

We were greeted with a not-too-interesting news this morning.I called it 'Domestic robbery'.I don't really want to go into details,but it's all good.
The first month of 2011 has just ended,and it got me thinking about the prospects of this year.It felt like just a few days ago that celebrations were in top gear to welcome 2011,and now?Well,it hasn't been an active month,but we've got to be optimistic that the months ahead would be better.
With me behind the desk now,I've got no iea when I'd have the time to go get another letter from the Traffic License office.I was hoping to have it done and over with last year.The way things are going,I'd have to go on a public transport.if I choose not to,I would be delaying the learner's hassle longer than it already is.I just need to get my learner's license this year,God willing.It's not jsut for me as I don't really plan on going out that much,but I've got to do it because of the families and friends that comes on a visit.I would have taken my cousin out more,were I driving.And the long walk we took to China City in Jo'burg last weekend was not a memorable one...I never pray to have to g through that torture,ever again.I almost broke down,and so did my cousin. There's no question about it, it would ease things for me and definately dump responsibilities like picking the kids from school,on my lap. There's no escaping that.But it'd be fun,I'd love to do that and even take them out occasionally. I know they would be so excited and demanding as well. But they'll eventulaly learn to understand that,going out isn't just about spending money. They could just move around to see different views of other places-It doesn't have to be McDonald &KF or Nandos all the time. We'll see how that turn out, God willing..I've got flu and it's really making me under-perform; even as I type. Am really trying to stay focused, my eyes hurt and I jsut don't generally feel well. God help me!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What is a writer without a reader? What is the use of a talent that remains hidden with its owner? What is the benefit of a story that leaves no lesson to be learnt? An experience that leaves you the way you were before? What are humans without life’s numerous challenges, blows, trials, tribulations and difficulties? What would life be like without your families to be by your side when you need them? How would you  be able to carry on without your friends to pat your shoulder, and give you theirs to cry on? That was me being home-sick and nostalgic!
I have finally made part-payment for first semester tuition on Friday. But I won’t get to see my study materials until a couple of weeks. That would be the first week in February God willing. I honestly wish I had another choice. It’s a long wait. At the moment, I’ve got no idea when the first assignment is due and that’s what worries me. I would most likely than not, be rushing to finish about ten assignments within the a few days apart. But time will tell. I’m excited to study and feel like a newly admitted student at the University. Am expecting a better performance from myself this session. I’d be taking five modules this Semester-three Communication Science and two Sociology modules, which are electives by the way. I don’t think it’s too early to make a decision, but I suspect I may change my mind afterwards. I have been giving Radio broadcasting a serious thought. I can actually fit into whichever aspect of the Media I  choose- I mean Print or Electronic. I have always been leaning more towards ‘Print’ for obvious reason-I love to write. But I’m also coming to accept the fact that it may prove more challenging than I think. But then again, I don’t want to limit myself. I like diversification and I’ve always imagined doing more than one thing. Well, imagination is different from reality. Nonetheless, I’d still like to consider myself  a multi-tasking person…Okay am really distracted and have got to pause. I haven’t seen “Enemy of The State-Will Smith, Jon Voight, Gene Hackman et al. And am watching it right now. Gotta go!

from 23rd January,Sunday.

Monday, January 17, 2011

bridging the gap..

Things have been quite hectic at the office.Piles of outstanding paperwork,applications that had been delayed beyond necessary.One would think the holiday season was not over.The workload is reducing now though,thank God for that.
I have been doing a lot of the 'paper work' and it just seem unending...waste of paper,I call it.Technoloy has done more than anyone can discard in the last decade,but it is still not enough to turn everyone away from being 'conservative'.
Anyway,most of what I've been doing were 'overload' from the staff that refused to return from holidays.No suprises there.Humans can be so predictable at times.So,in short,this wasn't a disappointment.We've been getting by for over three weeks now.To think that someone would grab all the benefits from us and just leave without notice is human nature,nothing to be worried about.
So we eventually got a repalcement for the young lad that was office assitant.He's been replaced by a lady,who so far has not been disappointing in the last five days she's worked.At least,I don't have to run errands and be on the computer at the same time.That said.
The kids resumed school last Wednesday and the stationery shopping was too hectic to forget in a hurry.Doing things at the eleventh hour is not my thing,but I couldn't help it.With business supposedly at its lowest lately,there was just no way around it.So I went with the kids and my cousin,who's visiting and had arrived two Wednesdays ago (January 4th).Whao!I didn't realise it's been this long since I updated my blog.
So am sort of recounting activities from the past two weeks.
My daughter has not complained about her new school so far.We (my immediate family) all believe she's loving it!She giggles and always seem excited about her school activities for the day.She was even more excited to show me her classroom today.It had this mini desktop computer that I couldn't figure out if it was for real or a mere play thing for the learners.She would ahve taken me on a 'tour' of her school,had I allowed.She completely lost sight of the downpour and getting wet.Kids,how innocent!
My day was hectic,and I think for the sake of my health,I should settle for bed now.
Business is really slow at present,the bills are pilling,our debtors cannot afford to pay us,it seems like a lot of people are still facing the economy crunch.But by God's mercy,we will get by somehow.It will get better,God willing!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


It’s the second day of January,2011, and honestly, I can’t feel any difference in the year (should I?). I even made a mistake of typing 2010 just now. The Muslim new Hijrah calendar was celebrated some weeks back and it also didn’t make any difference…It’s important for me to know as a Muslim.
Meanwhile, one of the many things I’ve also come to realise living in South Africa is that, we celebrate differently. Communal relations here aren’t as close-knit as we’ve got it back in my homecountry. The fact that you’re most likely to have someone in your family practicing a different faith, makes it the more inter-related, during festive seasons. But what can one do but adjust in the situation you are subjected to…I miss home, and so do my kids. Hubby returned from his ten-day trip on Wednesday, the 29th. I eventually went to the office on Tuesday as anticipated. I was so bored and almost lonely, albeit the companion of my kids. There is difference between chatting small talks with kids and having a stimulating conversation with an adult. So they couldn’t fill that void, even if they tried to. Perhaps, if I was a very playful mom, I wouldn’t have felt that emptiness. Anyway, they’re screaming their lungs out now, having fun in their own little haven. Amongst other things, am most grateful for having such cheerful and happy kids. They enjoy each other ’s company so much one would think they wouldn’t blend-in with an outsider. They love people, love babies, kids their age and get along very easily with new faces. Am first to admit that they need a little more outdoor activity. Well, they’ve been spending more swimming of late than they had in a long while. Whether of course is to be taken into consideration- they can’t swim during winter. And since summer began, it’s been also rainy and windy most days. So even when they are relentless and constantly asking to go swim, I have had to refuse for health reasons. I told them I didn’t have money to buy them medications, were they to catch cold swimming on windy days…at least they understood.
I sort of resumed my self-designed morning exercise, again. This time around, am not focusing of reducing belly fat alone, am actually more concerned about the unexplainable fatigue I feel these days. I just don’t think it’s right to feel muscular pains and just tired from not doing much of physical activities. It really hurt so much, my muscles have been strained like they haven’t in a long while. But it’s cool, I told myself-“No Pain, No Gain”, right? I just do a hundred skips at once, and increased it to two hundred yesterday. Today, I “skipped” skipping, just the aerobics, slower than I usually do. I want to be really disciplined about it, so that I don’t skip days and become inconsistent. Well, I intend to keep on going, whether my body aches from it or not. I can still bear the pains at this level.
And so I wrap up these thoughts for now…I don’t do New Year Resolutions, sorry to disappoint you…
I just pray that 2011 will be my study years minus one, that I finally get to do some of the plans I have in mind, finish with some I’ve already commenced (like finally learning to drive & getting my Driver’s License), and other things I don’t really want to get into for now. And I pray that friends who are planning of settling down get the man they deserve, to my family members, better things than what 2010 offered and wish everyone I know the best this year has got to offer…Welcome 2011!