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bridging the gap..

Things have been quite hectic at the office.Piles of outstanding paperwork,applications that had been delayed beyond necessary.One would think the holiday season was not over.The workload is reducing now though,thank God for that.
I have been doing a lot of the 'paper work' and it just seem unending...waste of paper,I call it.Technoloy has done more than anyone can discard in the last decade,but it is still not enough to turn everyone away from being 'conservative'.
Anyway,most of what I've been doing were 'overload' from the staff that refused to return from holidays.No suprises there.Humans can be so predictable at times.So,in short,this wasn't a disappointment.We've been getting by for over three weeks now.To think that someone would grab all the benefits from us and just leave without notice is human nature,nothing to be worried about.
So we eventually got a repalcement for the young lad that was office assitant.He's been replaced by a lady,who so far has not been disappointing in the last five days she's worked.At least,I don't have to run errands and be on the computer at the same time.That said.
The kids resumed school last Wednesday and the stationery shopping was too hectic to forget in a hurry.Doing things at the eleventh hour is not my thing,but I couldn't help it.With business supposedly at its lowest lately,there was just no way around it.So I went with the kids and my cousin,who's visiting and had arrived two Wednesdays ago (January 4th).Whao!I didn't realise it's been this long since I updated my blog.
So am sort of recounting activities from the past two weeks.
My daughter has not complained about her new school so far.We (my immediate family) all believe she's loving it!She giggles and always seem excited about her school activities for the day.She was even more excited to show me her classroom today.It had this mini desktop computer that I couldn't figure out if it was for real or a mere play thing for the learners.She would ahve taken me on a 'tour' of her school,had I allowed.She completely lost sight of the downpour and getting wet.Kids,how innocent!
My day was hectic,and I think for the sake of my health,I should settle for bed now.
Business is really slow at present,the bills are pilling,our debtors cannot afford to pay us,it seems like a lot of people are still facing the economy crunch.But by God's mercy,we will get by somehow.It will get better,God willing!


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