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What is a writer without a reader? What is the use of a talent that remains hidden with its owner? What is the benefit of a story that leaves no lesson to be learnt? An experience that leaves you the way you were before? What are humans without life’s numerous challenges, blows, trials, tribulations and difficulties? What would life be like without your families to be by your side when you need them? How would you  be able to carry on without your friends to pat your shoulder, and give you theirs to cry on? That was me being home-sick and nostalgic!
I have finally made part-payment for first semester tuition on Friday. But I won’t get to see my study materials until a couple of weeks. That would be the first week in February God willing. I honestly wish I had another choice. It’s a long wait. At the moment, I’ve got no idea when the first assignment is due and that’s what worries me. I would most likely than not, be rushing to finish about ten assignments within the a few days apart. But time will tell. I’m excited to study and feel like a newly admitted student at the University. Am expecting a better performance from myself this session. I’d be taking five modules this Semester-three Communication Science and two Sociology modules, which are electives by the way. I don’t think it’s too early to make a decision, but I suspect I may change my mind afterwards. I have been giving Radio broadcasting a serious thought. I can actually fit into whichever aspect of the Media I  choose- I mean Print or Electronic. I have always been leaning more towards ‘Print’ for obvious reason-I love to write. But I’m also coming to accept the fact that it may prove more challenging than I think. But then again, I don’t want to limit myself. I like diversification and I’ve always imagined doing more than one thing. Well, imagination is different from reality. Nonetheless, I’d still like to consider myself  a multi-tasking person…Okay am really distracted and have got to pause. I haven’t seen “Enemy of The State-Will Smith, Jon Voight, Gene Hackman et al. And am watching it right now. Gotta go!

from 23rd January,Sunday.


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