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There are things about life that cannot be taught to you, you would have to “experience” it, to find your way. I am one of such people that life’s lessons were impacted on through experience. Nothing prepares you for life’s occasional bouts of disappointments and misdemeanors. No matter what qualification you hold, you just have to ‘pass through’ life or let life pass through you.

Yesterday was a day I would refer to as a day of” mixed emotions”. Someone made me very happy that it brought tears of joy to my eyes. That was in the morning before I headed for the office. My day was very hectic as I had to take some delegates and the guest we are hosting for shopping (International Training participants). It was a busy day, but it was refreshing because I was in the company of women. It was tiring, but very refreshing! Later at night, I was again overwhelmed by thoughts of years back, almost two decades back. I remembered my granny and reminisced on the times she was still active and gave orders. I wish she were still here, and wouldn’t mind taking her orders. She was the closest I had to a mother. We may not have communicated to the level a mother and child would have, but I used to listen to her talk about so many things. Things I was to later diffuse and discard as I grew older…I grew “wiser”! We had our differences o so many matters. That was inevitable because, we were from different generations and the gap was way too wide to be closed. They say I looked like my granny. But she was by far, an epitome of modesty I dare to match. God rest her soul! I wish I had her strength and sense of independence. I will always hold her in high esteem for what she represented and lived for…I remembered her last night, amongst several other days, missed her and said a prayer for her.
On a last note:” Do not let anyone push you to be cruel or cold, when you are a good fellow. No matter how frustrated you feel, do not join the wagon by becoming vengeful,
hateful,spiteful and angry at the world. Do not be bad because someone’s been bad to you. Just be good and remain to be good!


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