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Another weekend...

I would leave for Lagos, Nigeria, tomorrow, this time last year. It just reminded me of my granny, I had no idea I would be seeing her for the last time. But am grateful I saw her. I remember how excited I was, I had packed about two weeks before now, since we had to change the ticket twice. Whao! How time flies! I’m just reminiscing, it brings back memories of the excitement and the anxiety that followed, after the lost of my passport (now found)…I tried to make the best of the time. I was glad to spend some time with a few of my friends. It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year already, the memories are still very fresh…But, as much as am homesick now, there’s no hope of traveling how anytime soon….Signing out for now!

"They are saying 'he is dead'...Is he?

If you asked me, I’d say I couldn’t care less what’s making headliners at the moment. After the long awaited, elegant wedding of Prince Williams and Kate made news around the globe, America felt the need to also  make a bigger headline by announcing the supposed death of Osama bin Laden. Who wouldn’t like to hear that the man that had sent shivers running through the files, screens, camps, hide outs, what not; of the CIA, and America as a nation, was not captured, but killed eventually? I mean, this man had been a bane to America and what better way to put the minds of America and the “world” at rest, than to kill Osama? At least there wouldn’t be further security measures to complain about, especially when it “invades” on people’s privacy as the citizens have been clamouring an end to the existing ones? How would America issue Visa to investors or grow its economy, when everyone’s afraid of an unsuspecting bomb blast? Who would want to keep coming to America for holidays, knowing the…