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And the man died...

I have been struggling with timing, I have so much so that, I sometimes wish I could add more to the twenty-four hours as it seems never to be enough. I have been constantly reminded why, I wouldn’t want the kind of job that would take me away from doing some other things I love, like writing for instance (in this case “Typing”; which I happen to enjoy as well). The major thing I know is stalling my Blog update is, the fact that, I have grown somewhat lazier in writing. These days, I often wonder if I can still write legibly (eyes rolling)! Hmm, maybe am being a little exaggerative there, of cause my handwriting’s still legible.
I only have to remind myself that am writing something serious in order to write better than my self-devised wobbly handwriting.
Now to serious matters. I lost an Uncle last Friday. No matter how old our loved ones grow, we still want them around for as long as possible. And it is in this spirit that I mourn the late Architect Remigius Adekoya-Ajayi. I had seen it coming. His sickness had been serious so much so that, I had procrastinated calling him. His health had failed drastically, so it happened finally. I won’t be home for the burial rites, just like I wasn’t when my granny passed away. Death, is the debt we owe life, and it is a debt that is paid, willingly or not. 
And if change is the only permanent thing in life, death is the first “unchanging” thing that is inevitable. A harsh reality, an unfriendly reminder, that this life’s a journey, that must be completed at some point. Death, is a cycle of life, that must be completed…There’s a time to be born, and there’s a time to die!
Adieu Uncle, Architect Remigius Remilekun Adekoya-Ajayi!
There’s a comic in my experience, with my late Uncle,but I will save it for another day,
God spare my life. For now, this is just paying a condolence to his demise.


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